NTU COVID-19 Prevention Message - Guidelines Governing Club Events during Winter Vacation

Date: 2021/1/22

Image1:NTU COVID-19 Prevention Message – National Taiwan University Pandemic Prevention Guidelines Governing Gatherings And Club Events During 2021 Winter Vacation.

NTU COVID-19 Prevention Message – National Taiwan University Pandemic Prevention Guidelines Governing Gatherings And Club Events During 2021 Winter Vacation.

I. According to the Reminder: Schools of All Levels Should Establish Pandemic Prevention Measures Regulating Gatherings released by the Ministry of Education on January 19, 2021, organizing gatherings and club activities in the current surge of outbreaks poses a high risk of transmission as such events are crowded, last for long hours, and participants are in close contact. The level of difficulty in pandemic prevention will increase once suspected individual or cluster infection occurs. In view of this, NTU strongly urges all of its departments and offices to carefully assess cancellation or postponement of gatherings or club activities.

II. The organizer considering such event necessary should follow the measures below. If any one of the following cannot be observed, the organizer should then cancel or postpone the event.

(I) General rules (applicable to all kinds of gatherings, meetings, dining, social dining, clubs, and accommodation:

  1. People undergoing home quarantine, home isolation or self-health management, or those living with family members undergoing home quarantine, home isolation or self-health management, as well as those showing suspected symptoms such as fever, respiratory complications, diarrhea, and abnormality of smell and taste (including performers and event workers) should be barred from participation.
  2. People with cancer, chronic lung disease (including asthma), cardiovascular disease, illnesses in kidney, liver, nerves, blood or metabolic disorders (including diabetes), hemoglobin disease, immune deficiency disease requiring long-term treatment, and pregnant women are advised to avoid participation.
  3. The organizer must obtain information of participants in advance, including at least name, contact info, travel history to pandemic affected regions, and contact history with confirmed cases.
  4. The organizer must provide sufficient hand sanitizers at the event venue and designate an entrance to take temperature and sanitize hands.
  5. Except while dining during the event, all participants and event staffs must wear a medical mask and maintain appropriate social distancing (1.5 meters indoors and 1 meter outdoors).
  6. The event space must be kept well-ventilated, the entrance and exit remained open, and windows left open by at least 15 centimeters.
  7. All participants and event workers should stay at designated areas and minimize contact at short distances.
  8. If participants become ill with suspected symptoms, the organizer should immediately help them seek medical attention and report to the NTU Health Center if any diagnostic test has been administered following the treatment.

(II) Dining

  1. Except while dining, all participants must wear a medical mask.
  2. If there is enough space, implement crisscross seating to maintain proper social distancing (1.5 meters indoors), or compartmentalize using partitions or screens.
  3. If there is limited space, implement dining segmentation “by time and by group” to maintain adequate social distancing.
  4. Do not talk while dining and participants should refrain from conversation exchange or interaction.

(III) Accommodation

  1. Except while sleeping or taking a shower, all participants must wear a medical mask and at the same time keep social distancing (1.5 meters indoors) where possible.
  2. The shower and bathing space must be partitioned and group bath is prohibited. If there is no partition, only one person can use the space at a time.
  3. In the sleeping area, beds should be separated from each other by at least 1.5 meters. If this cannot be done, then accommodation should be canceled altogether.

III. If any single confirmed case (including faculty, staff, and general visitors) occurs at NTU and whose footprint has entered the university campus, the responsible organizers should consider canceling all of the future or ongoing events.

IV. NTU will stay current with the latest development in the COVID-19 pandemic and make timely adjustments to its Pandemic Prevention Guidelines for Gatherings and Club Events in accordance with the announcements released by Central Epidemic Command Center, Taipei City Government, and the Ministry of Education.

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