COVID-19 Precautions during New Year Holiday and before Spring Semester

Date: 2021/2/8

Image1:COVID-19 Precautions during New Year Holiday and before Spring Semester.

COVID-19 Precautions during New Year Holiday and before Spring Semester.

The Lunar New Year holiday is just around the corner and will soon be followed by the spring semester. In compliance with the instructions released by the Ministry of Education (MOE) on February 3, 2021, the University is asking all of you to abide by the following pandemic-prevention measures.

  1. All departments and administrative offices should complete thorough disinfection of the campus’s public areas, classrooms and learning spaces, as well as NTU shuttle buses. All the materials and equipment necessary for pandemic-related cleaning and disinfection should be made available prior to the start of the new semester. After the semester begins, the abovementioned matters should be carried out in accordance with the “Notices Regarding Ventilation and Periodic Disinfection of Classrooms and Learning Areas” issued by the MOE on May 26, 2020.
  2. All departments and administrative offices should continue to implement swipe card entry (or real-name registration) and self-help body temperature measurement.
  3. During the postponement of the start day of spring semester of senior high schools and under across the country (February 18-21), NTU faculty and staff may apply for “Pandemic-Prevention Childcare Leave” if they have to take care of their school-age children aged 12 and under, or children who are holders of a disability card and are attending junior high school, senior high school, or in the 1st through 3rd year of junior college. Please contact the Personnel Department for more information.
  4. If you need to organize gatherings or club activities during winter vacation, please do so in compliance with the Central Epidemic Command Center’s “Guidelines for Public Gathering” and the University’s “Pandemic-Prevention Regulations Governing Gatherings and Club Activities during Winter Vacation of 2021”

As the COVID-19 is still raging, please again be remined to always wear a mask when you go out, wash hands frequently, and keep appropriate social distancing. Be attentive and check if you have the following suspected symptoms: fever, respiratory complications, diarrhea, and abnormality of smell and taste. If you do, please wear a medical mask and immediately seek medical attention at a designated COVID-19 testing hospital near you. Please do not take any public transportation. When in the hospital for treatment, please tell your doctor about your contact history, travel history, potential exposure to the virus due to occupation, as well as people around you who may have similar symptoms. When you return home, you should also wear a medical mask and avoid going out if not necessary.

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