COVID-19 Prevention Message—Revised Epidemic Prevention Measures Effective from the 4th Week of Fall Semester

Date: 2021/10/6

Image1:NTU COVID-19 Prevention Message.

NTU COVID-19 Prevention Message.

In compliance with the amended “Guidance on Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic at Colleges and Universities for the Academic Year 2021–12”, which was released by Ministry of Education on October 4, 2021, the University has made the following changes to the official COVID-19 prevention policies.

From the fourth week of this semester (October 13, 2021), all courses shall be in-person courses in principle. The courses can remain distance learning if they already adopted or applied for distance learning. The in-person courses should follow the principles below, or they should adopt distance learning:

  1. Courses under 80 people will be in-person classes. Courses over 80 people can be offered in person if the social distancing of at least 1.5 meters per person (2.25 square meters per person) between people can be maintained indoor.
  2. Face masks must be worn throughout and teachers shall conduct roll calls, while eating and drinking in the classroom are forbidden.
  3. Classrooms shall be cleansed and disinfected regularly, while kept ventilated. Tools, machines and equipment used in class shall be disinfected.

For the latest COVID-19 regulations applicable to student club events, activity center venues, restaurants at the 1st Student Activity Center, student dormitories and their associated activities, Health Center, and on-campus dining in general, refer to the specific websites below:

Student Activity Division: https://osa_activity.ntu.edu.tw/board/detail/sn/2132

Student Activity Center Administration Division: http://www.active.ntu.edu.tw/board/detail/sn/758

Student Housing Service Division: https://osa_dorm.ntu.edu.tw/board/detail/sn/755

Health Center: https://shmc.ntu.edu.tw/board/detail/sn/892

Dining Services Committee: https://meals.ntu.edu.tw/

For sports facilities, refer to the Department of Athletics website (https://pe.ntu.edu.tw/#/news) after October 12 for the latest service hours and COVID-19 restrictions.

Any ongoing COVID-19 measures not explicitly revised via official announcements remain in place. All measures are subject to adjustments at any time according to CECC’s announcements.

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