Prof. Daniel Baumann of NTU Physics wins 2023 Humboldt Research Award

Date: Jan 3, 2024

Image1:NTU Physics Professor Daniel Baumann.

NTU Physics Professor Daniel Baumann.

Prof. Daniel Baumann of NTU Department of Physics wins the 2023 Humboldt Research Award for his outstanding achievements in academic research and teaching

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation was established in 1860 in memory of the German naturalist of the same name. The foundation gives the Humboldt Research Award as one of the highest honors for internationally renowned scientists and scholars who work outside of Germany in recognition of their lifetime research achievements. Winners are academics whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline and who are expected to continue producing cutting-edge academic achievements in the future. To date, 54 Nobel Laureates have won this award, including several academicians of Taiwan’s Academia Sinica. The award also comes with a prize money of EUR60,000 and potential research grants. The awardees will be invited to meet with the German president and connect with other German scholars. For Prof. Baumann, it opened the door for research collaboration with the team led by Prof. Johannes Henn at Max Planck Institute for Physics.

As a world-renowned theoretical cosmologist, Prof. Baumann has contributed innovatively to the study of early universe. He is the recipient of multiple awards both domestically and internationally; the former includes Yushan Professorship and Chinyu Visiting Professor. Cosmology textbooks and teaching handouts he authored are essential read for many field scholars and students. Prof. Baumann joined NTU in August 2023 and started acting as the Director of the Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics (LeCosPA) in January 2024. He looks forward to productive years ahead with fellow NTU faculty and students.

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