NTU faculty excel in 2023 NTSC Outstanding Research Award

Date: 2024/3/6

Image1:Winners of the 2023 NTSC Outstanding Award among NTU faculty.

Winners of the 2023 NTSC Outstanding Award among NTU faculty.

In 2023, a total of 86 scholars and researchers nationwide were awarded the Outstanding Research Award by the National Science and Technology Council. Over 30% of awardees, 26 are faculty members of National Taiwan University (NTU), making it the most awarded entity in the country. The research fields of the awarded faculty members are diverse, spanning across natural sciences, medicine, and humanities, showcasing NTU's balanced development in research domains.

Diligence and determination are key qualities for award-winning faculty to succeed in scientific research, which is something we all should look up to. Moving forward, the university will continue to provide even higher-quality research environments and resources, allowing its member to fully realize their research potential.

NSTC Outstanding Research Award aims to recognize outstanding scientific and technological talent who have made significant contributions to basic or applied research. Its purpose is to elevate Taiwan’s academic and research standings, as well as to promote social development and industrial applications. By showcasing the diverse outcomes achieved by researchers, this award will continue to elevate national scientific and technological capabilities.

Link to the awardees’ list: https://www.nstc.gov.tw/nstc/attachments/90039454-6637-4453-ab34-96b00fe13d92?fbclid=IwAR2sPrmDqlD9xzi9S2H7QjimOkhkEMtW5AUENxmFLbWNog5n-uMTNMkNiZ8

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