Campus Life

Learning Chinese

  1. NTU Language Center, Chinese Language Division (CLD):
    Our Chinese language program has been offered for dozens of years since 1984. We offer small classes, with equal trainings on the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We also have Chinese teacher training program, focusing both on Chinese language pedagogy and practical courses (also the simulated teaching).
    • Efficient learning environment – Small classes (5-7 students/class) with level assessment, all-Chinese-speaking environment, everyday homework and level assessment twice a season
    • Pleasant and encouraging learning – interactive teaching method, various elective courses and free extracurricular activities every season
    • Friendly and supportive learning environment – efficient and kind administration service, well-equipped classrooms and facilities
    • Professional, experienced and enthusiastic instructors – profound teacher training system, lectures on teaching methods, students’ evaluation each season
  2. The International Chinese Language Program (ICLP), College of Liberal Arts:
    The first institution established overseas with US funding for academics, business persons, journalists and scientists who aim to acquire advanced Chinese language skills for all purposes. We provide intensive immersion language training for students around the globe and tailor-made courses for partnered institutions.
    We offer:
    • Small classes and tailor-made programs that aim to upgrade language proficiencies within a short time.
    • Mandarin Chinese courses at all levels for university and graduate students.
    • Courses to assist graduate students and post-doc fellows to study their professional subjects.
    • Intensive summer courses for the Chinese Flagship Program of partnered universities in the USA.
    • Teaching materials and exam papers of Mandarin Chinese at all levels.

Foreign Language Program

Refer to the following for the study of a foreign language:

  1. NTU Language Center, Foreign Language Division:
    • Authorized by government organizations to process foreign language studies for civil servants and teachers.
    • Provides assistance to individuals of the society in the study of foreign languages.
    • Research and compile course material for foreign language studies.
    • Handles all other issues relevant to training and research of foreign language studies.
  2. The Language Training and Testing Center (LTTC)
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