2023 NTU Azalea Festival

Date: 2023/2/22

Image1:2023 NTU Azalea Festival(<a href="https://event.ntu.edu.tw/azalea/2023/" title="NTU Azalea Festival(另開視窗)" target="_blank">https://event.ntu.edu.tw/azalea/2023/</a>)

2023 NTU Azalea Festival(https://event.ntu.edu.tw/azalea/2023/)

In the warm spring of March, NTU is once again hosting the 2023 NTU Azalea Festival. The slogan of the festival this year is “Colorful azaleas beckoning the spring, Diligent students chasing their dreams.” As the pandemic is easing, NTU resumes on-site festivities to celebrate this annual event.

On March 11 at 9:30 am, President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) will host the opening ceremony at the entrance square of the NTU Sports Center, officially launching a series of activities, including the Department Expo and the Student Club Expo. The NTU student clubs and the NTU Wind Band will also present their performances at the ceremony, bringing energy and liveliness to the festival.

For the whole month of March, NTU will launch a series of activities and tours. For more information, please go to the official website of the Azalea Festival. We welcome all walks of life to celebrate this festival with us!

Visit the website of the 2023 NTU Azalea Festival: https://event.ntu.edu.tw/azalea/2023/

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