Queenless Beehive Completes Pollination in Greenhouse

Date: 2023/3/29

Image1:Prof. Yang and his queenless beehive box.Image2:The queenless beehive box designed by Prof. Yang and his team.Image3:Prof. Yang’s research findings.Image4:The queenless beehive.

Prof. Yang and his queenless beehive box.

The queenless beehive box designed by Prof. Yang and his team.

Prof. Yang’s research findings.

The queenless beehive.

Queenless bee hives can also carry out the task of pollination in a greenhouse. The research team led by Professor En-Cheng Yang (楊恩誠) of NTU’s Department of Entomology has made an innovative breakthrough in smart agriculture, replacing the queen bee in the hive with queen bee pheromones. With this technology being industrialized in the future, it can solve the long-term dilemma of melon and fruit farmers who cannot find bees for pollination.

Professor Yang improved the traditional pollination method carried out in a greenhouse, solving the problems of the excessive number of bees in the conventional beehive and the vulnerability of farmers when opening the beehive box to feed the bees. With pheromones, Professor Yang uses only one comb in the beehive to replace the queen bee. The comb containing worker bees and pheromones can stabilize bee colonies and perform pollination in the greenhouse. The findings have great academic research value and can effectively enhance agricultural development.

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