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NTU University Motto

The University's motto, "Integrity, Diligence, Fidelity, Compassion," is adopted from a line in the speech made by President Ssu-nien Fu in 1949 on a memorial occasion celebrating the fourth anniversary of the University. The line is intended to encourage students of National Taiwan University, except that the word he originally used is "to study hard" instead of the present version "to advance intellect" The phrase "Cultivate virtue, advance intellect" was first transcribed by President Ssu-liang Chien when he gave inscription to the Main Library in January, 1969. Then President Chen-hsin Yen further applied the eight-word motto and carved them on the outer wall of the Gymnasium's facade. Meanwhile a bust of the late President Fu was erected on campus, with this established motto inscribed onto the base of the bust.

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