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An Enchanting Story of a 3000 Kilometer Chase of Sunlight —
The World Premiere of the Documentary Film "For More Sun"

"For More Sun" is the true story of NTU's Mechanical Engineering Professor Cheng Jung-ho (aka. The old Urchin) and a bunch of his young disciples pursuing their dreams of building the ultimate solar powered vehicle. Relying on their faith, idealism, and perseverance, and notwithstanding the weather conditions, they remain cloistered in the factories working on the solar powered car of their dreams — "Formosun III", with which they hope to win the World Solar Challenge 2007 in Australia. Budgetary constraints and heavy academic workloads cast the team's hopes in doubt, but this group of dreamers persist in their endeavour, with one universal goal in their minds—to win the race.

The second generation of their design vehicle, "Formosun II" won the second place in the pre-race Qualifying Competition in 2004. They re-entered the world challenge in 2005, taking along their hand crafted "Formosun III," in an attempt to show their adventurous spirit. Their journey to Australia, however, was impeded by inadequate funding. Fortunately, the Formosun Energy Corporation saw their predicament and came to their rescue. Through a generous subsidy from Formosun Energy Inc., the NTU mechanical engineering team in pursuit of its dream was able to make the trip.

"For More Sun" is a story of the NTU mechanical engineering team working on their dream car "Formosun I, II, and III". It is also a documentary attesting to the dreaming power, perseverance, and adventurous spirit of the Formosans. For detailed information, please log onto the official site of the documentary: www.j-ent.com.tw/formoresun/

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