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2014/09/02 Data Mining Professor Receives Young Scholar Innovation Award
2014/09/02 NTU Delegation Meets Partner Universities during World's Largest Higher Education Conference
2014/09/02 USC Global Fellows Intern at OIA to Promote Understanding and Develop Partnership
2014/09/02 Museum of Zoology Houses Valuable Old Specimens from NTU's Japanese Days
2014/09/02 2014 BACT Summer Program Ends on a High Note
2014/09/02 Star Plan Parents Day and Freshmen Orientation Draws Big Turnout of Families and Students
2014/09/02 Symposium Inspires Youth to "Stand Up, Stand Out" to Changing, Challenging World
2014/09/02 Student Philosophers Ponder Social Responsibility
2014/07/25 Legacies of NTU - No. 12 Life in Prehistoric Taiwan: Remarkable Painting in Museum of Anthropology
2014/07/03 Student Association's NTU Sparks Magazine Explores the Spirit of the Times
2014/07/01 Down Syndrome Prevention Achieves 90% Prenatal Detection
2014/06/20 Legacies of NTU - No. 11: “Campus Life” Display Reveals Thoughts of Struggling Researcher: Gallery of NTU History
2014/05/27 Legacies of NTU - No. 10: The Humanities of Medical Evolution: NTU Museum of Medical Humanities
2014/05/19 Legacies of NTU - No. 9: An Unknown History: NTU’s first official document at the Museum of Archives
2014/05/14 Legacies of NTU - No. 4: Asia's First Linear Particle Accelerator - NTU Heritage Hall of Physics
2014/05/09 “Stay Thirsty” - Letter from NTU Vice President for Academic Affairs Liang-Gee Chen
2014/05/09 “Stay Thirsty” - Letter from NTU Vice President for Academic Affairs Liang-Gee Chen
2014/05/05 Legacies of NTU - No. 8: Forgotten, but not Lost: the Hirase shellfish collection at NTU Zoology Museum
2014/04/25 Legacies of NTU - No. 7: Preserving Nature’s Treasures: TAI Herbarium of NTU
2014/04/18 Legacies of NTU - No. 6: Fifty years of Spiritual Guidance: NTU Agricultural Exhibition Hall
2014/04/15 Legacies of NTU - No. 5: Remote mystery: NTU’s Insectarium
2014/04/11 Legacies of NTU - No. 3: Hidden Treasure: Taiwan’s first oil field in Geo-specimen Cottage
2014/04/07 Legacies of NTU - No. 2: Remembering our Past: Indigenous Ancestral Stone Pillar in Museum of Anthropology
2014/03/28 Legacies of NTU - No. 1: Recovered Memories: calligraphy scroll in Gallery of University History
2014/03/25 Revival of the NTU Eikichi Iso Memorial House:History of Taiwan’s favorite rice
2014/03/14 Anthropology Alumna Yeh Hui-Yuan and Supervisor Piers Mitchell Publish Joint Paper on Paleo-parasites in The Lancet
2014/01/02 2013 NTU & Peking University Community Service Activities –Dreams Became Reality in Yunnan
2014/01/02 NTU President Yang participates in the AEARU-LERU Presidents Meeting Presenting a keynote address on Cutting Edge Research in NTU
2014/01/02 2014/2015 International Student Recruitment Meeting and Educational Fair Attendance Breaks Records
2014/01/02 Shaping NTU to Meet the Global Challenges 2013 NTU-Kyoto University Symposium mark a new era in our cordial relations
2013/12/01 NTU Press Collaborates With Google To Expand into Nine Asia-Pacific Markets
2013/12/01 IEEE Taipei publishes NTU Vice President Dr. Liang-Gee Chen’s research team’s 16 core GPU study
2013/12/01 Presenters and participants at the 2013 Asia Pacific Radio Science Conference, AP-RASC’13, reach new record levels
2013/12/01 NTU delegation participates in “Global Urban Challenges: The Role of Research University” in Chicago and visits the sister university UIUC
2013/09/01 The NTU Hydrotech Research Institute is hosting the 2013 Summer Training Course for Sloped Land Disaster Reduction
2013/09/01 The 2nd Biennial Conference of the East Asian Regional Association of the International Musicological Society, 2013 Taipei, jointly held with 2013 Taiwan Musicology Forum
2013/08/01 2013 ICS International Graduate Students Conference co-hosted by the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature and the University of Malaya
2013/08/01 UCLA Chancellor Leads Delegation to Meet NTU President
2013/08/01 NTU Signs Agreement with University of Minnesota
2013/08/01 National Taiwan University Selections for Training and Participation in the 5th APEC Future Scientist Conference deliver outstanding performances
2013/08/01 The NTU Hydrotech Research Institute is hosting the 2013 Summer Training Course for Sloped Land Disaster Reduction
2013/08/01 TWinning Paper Introduces Fingertip Display and Controller for Touch Screens
2013/07/01 Roundtable discussion: cultural heritage in modern society co-organized by the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature and the London School of Economics
2013/07/01 International conference and roundtable discussion on dialogues between Confucianism and democracy hosted by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences
2013/07/01 National Environmental Education Award
2013/07/01 NTU OpenCourseWare Brings Higher Education to the Public
2013/07/01 Portuguese Violin Joins Taiwanese Pipa to Meld East and West
2013/07/01 PMethodology for Forecasting Fish Population Sizes Published in PNAS
2013/07/01 Study Explaining Diversity of Color Patterns in Feathers Published in Science
2013/07/01 Student’s Facebook Page Collects Bonus Points to Feed Homeless People
2013/06/01 President Lee Heads Delegation to Elite Baltic Universities
2013/06/01 NTU Hospital Successfully Treats First Imported Case of H7N9
2013/06/01 UIUC Chancellor Visits NTU to Expand Cooperation
2013/06/01 Eight NTU Subjects Ranked Among the Top 50 in the World
2013/06/01 Agriculture College Seeks More University Partners in Europe
2013/05/29 BBC News Reported the Research Result of the Epidemiological Monitoring System from Professor Joe-Air Jiang at NTU Department of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering
2013/05/29 Consolidating Partnership, Indiana University President leads delegation to National Taiwan University
2013/05/01 Concerning the epidemic of H7N9 influenza, the NTU H7N9 official website is launched from now on. Please pay attention to the following information.
2013/03/01 Po Hao Wang and Hui Chun Yeh, the Graduate Students of the NTU Department of Political Sciences Received the Best Presentation Awards in EU Research at the Regional EU Centre Graduate Student Conference in Kyushu, Japan
2013/03/01 The Youth Force through the Interaction between the Young People in Taiwan and the Mainland China: Social Service in the Countryside by the Student Team Composed of NTU, Peking and Yunnan University
2013/03/01 NTU Management Review Has Been Listed on Scopus, the Global Database
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