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2012/12/01 NTU Delegations Visit Strategic Universities in US and Vietnam
2012/12/01 NTU Hospital and Pfizer Build on Clinical Trial Partnership
2012/12/01 Judges and Experts Address Patent Litigation at International Conference
2012/12/01 Method for Forecasting Cancer Therapy Outcomes Receives US Patent
2012/12/01 Science Article Sheds Light on Causality in Complex Ecosystems
2012/11/01 The Speech of the NTU Honorary Doctorate, Dr. Ma Shui-Lung for the 84th NTU Anniversary
2012/11/01 NTU President Si-Chen Lee’s Speech for the 84th NTU Anniversary Ceremony
2012/11/01 The International Meeting for Deans of the Colleges of Agriculture held by NTU College of Bioresources and Agriculture
2012/11/01 The Student Philanthropist: Hsin-Lin Shen from the NTU Graduate Institute of Journalism Received the honor of Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Taiwan
2012/10/01 Professor Shih-I Chu, from NTU Department of Physics in the College of Physics, Was Selected for The Member of physics by TWAS
2012/09/01 President Lee Calls on Freshmen to Pursue“Five Musts”
2012/09/01 Congratulations to the Prize Winners of the 16th National Professorship and the 56th Academic Award
2012/09/01 2012 QS World University Rankings Announced that National Taiwan University Made a Leap to the 80th Place, the Best Ranking Ever in the NTU History.
2012/09/01 NTU President Si- Chen Lee Honored Professor Shoucheng Zhang with the Agreement of Employment for the Interview Workshops at NTU: Professor Shoucheng Zhang’s Theory of Topological Insulator Won Him the 2012 Dirac Prize
2012/08/01 NTU Accounts for Over Half of New Academia Sinica Academicians
2012/08/01 The Official Establishment of NTUAA-NA on August 11th, 2012
2012/08/01 The NTU Research Team of Department of Computer Science and Integrated Engineering Won the World Champion from the 2012 ACM KDD Cup under the Title of Predicting the Click-through Rate
2012/08/01 Geoscientist Awarded for Frontline Work After Devastating Typhoon
2012/07/01 The Geologic Research of National Taiwan University Has been Published on Nature Climate Change: Unveiling the Myth of the Summer Rain in Taiwan, the Record of the Sea Surface Temperature in the South Pacific Ocean
2012/07/01 Student Ambassadors Share Taiwanese Culture in Chile
2012/07/01 Thespians Claim First Runner-up in Hong Kong Shakespeare Festival
2012/07/01 NTU Delegation Has Busy Schedule in Texas
2012/06/01 President Lee Urges Graduates to Better Society at Graduation Ceremony
2012/06/01 Signing the Sustainable Donation Contract for the LeCosPA in National Taiwan University and Celebrating the Opening Ceremony of the ARA Observatory in NTU Historical Gallery
2012/06/01 Materials Scientists Named ASM International Fellows
2012/06/01 The Research Result of National Taiwan University and Academia Sinica Has Been Published on Nature Communication: The Revelation from Taiwan Yuhina for a Prosperous Future with the Great Perspective
2012/05/15 A NTU Research Team Publishes Findings about Key Factors in Plant Innate Immunity in “PLoS Pathogens” and “The Plant Cell”
2012/05/15 Professor Jen-pei Liu was selected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA Fellow)
2012/05/15 The Australian, the Dominant Newspaper in Australia, Covered Taiwan’s Taida Leader in Chinese Academe
2012/05/15 “Literary Symposium”─A Dialogue with Academicians of Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) on Contemporary Spanish Literature and Literary Creation
2012/04/20 NTU Azalea Festival: NTU President calls for more enrolls of the high school graduates
2012/04/20 Professor Grace Chu-Fang Lo of NTU College of Life Science Has Been Awarded The 2012 Taiwan Outstanding Woman in Science
2012/04/20 The Moot-court Team of NTU Law School Got the Runner-Up in Asia-Pacific Round of 2012 ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law
2012/03/02 NTU Shines Bright at Leading Telecommunications and Networking Conference
2012/03/02 Ph.D. Student Determined to Swim for National Team at London Olympics
2012/03/02 NTU Cosmologist Celebrates Double Centennials at South Pole
2012/01/10 Caring for one’s alma mater, benefiting others: Jerry P. Yu, attorney, donates NT $10 million in research funding to the university’s Center for Public Policy and Law
2012/01/10 In recognition of their outstanding research accomplishments, ten NTU professors have received the 2011 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award
2012/01/10 NTU Department of Ocean Science and Ocean Engineering’s Professor Tony Wen-Hann Sheu honored with the 2011 Taiwan-France Science and Technology Award
2012/01/10 Fubon Financial Donates NT$30 million to Create Fubon Chair Professorship
2012/01/10 Entrepreneurship Students Shadow Wang Group Chairman Sheng-yi Dai
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