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2009/12/29 Asia Oceania Top University League on Engineering Promotes Academic Cooperation and Exchanges
2009/12/29 Congratulations! NTU Student Wan-Jung Cheng Won the First Swimming Gold Medal in the East Asian Games for Taiwan
2009/12/29 Eight More Professors of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Elected Fellowship of International Electrical Organizations
2009/12/29 NTU Six Papers Presented in the 2010 ISSCC Demonstrate Taiwan’s R&D Strength in Semiconductor Industry
2009/12/29 Campus Recruitment
2009/12/04 President Dr. Si-chen Lee Addressed at NTU 81st Anniversary Celebration Ceremony
2009/12/04 President Dr. Si-Chen Lee Visited Hong Kong and Macau Sister Schools to Promote Closer Cooperation and Interchange
2009/12/04 Intelligent Robotics Forward-looking New Technologies New Initiatives for Academia/Industry Cooperation
2009/12/04 The Illustrious Deeds of Six Outstanding NTU Alumni
2009/12/04 Curriculum of “Taiwan Studies” Adds New Courses Taught in English
2009/11/06 Achievement Exhibition Held at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall for the Universities
Associated with Ministry of Education’s “Aim for Top University Plan”
2009/11/06 Dr. Liang-Gee Chen Awarded 2009 TWAS Prize in Engineering
2009/11/06 The NTU Team Won Again in the DAC/ISSCC Design Contest Bringing Taiwan Ultra High Resolution Image Processing Industries Enormous Business Opportunities
2009/11/06 Master Mathematician Louis Nirengerg Visits NTU and to Hold Colloquium on November 9th
2009/11/06 NTU Systems on Chips Center Where New Chips Are Made
2009/11/06 NTU Research Center for Medical Excellence
2009/10/07 NTU Professors Won Academic Awards from Ministry of Education
2009/10/07 Sperm Inspection Chip Technology Invented by NTU for Household Use
2009/10/07 Say “Thuche” to the Himalayan Experience NTU Leadership Program 2009 Took Students Mountaineering in Nepal
2009/10/07 “Topping Out” Ceremony Held for the “Industry/University R&D Cooperation Building” of the Chu-Bei Branch School on August 31st
2009/10/07 NTU Public Forum Called Attention to the Sanitation Conditions in Disaster Areas While Suggesting Landslide Monitoring to Prevent Disasters from Happening Again
2009/09/17 Three Departments’ MERIT Volunteers Conduct Various Exchanges, Researches and Inquires in Republic of the Marshall Islands
2009/08/26 NTU’s Performance of Scientific Papers Ranked 102nd in the World
2009/08/26 Professor Shie-Ming Peng and Professor Pi-Tai Chou Elected Fellows of the Royal Society of Chemistry
2009/08/26 Nai-chen Chen of the Institute of Geosciences Won American Geophysics Union’s Outstanding Paper Award
2009/08/26 Institute of Taiwan Literature Goes to Europe for International Academic Exchange
2009/08/03 “A Dog” Emerged Triumphant in the 7th NTU Innovation Competition
2009/08/03 Dedication Ceremony Held for the Newly Completed Wang-Tsai Hall and Lin-Tzeh Hall of the College of Law
2009/08/03 Pilot Project to Promote University/Industry Cooperation Immensely Successful
2009/08/03 NTU ICLP Intercollegiate Debate Will be Held on an Enlarged Scale
2009/08/03 There is Infinite Hope When You Have an E-book at Hand--Taiwan Academic E-books Consortium Calls for Entries for Its Essay Competition
2009/06/24 President Si-Chen Lee's Commencement Speech to NTU Graduates
2009/06/24 The Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Paid a Visit to NTU Offered New Initiatives for Cooperation with the Oceanic States
2009/06/24 Research Team Led by Dean of NTU College of Medicine Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang Unveiled New Mechanism of Cancer Suppressor Genes, Results Published in Nature Cell Biology
2009/06/24 NTU Biodiversity Center Discovered Indigenous Species
2009/05/19 NTU President Dr. Si-chen Lee Signed Agreement of Cooperation with the Kyushu University of Japan
2009/05/19 NTU's Number of Theses ranked 65th in the world in 2009 ESI Tally and the Number of Theses Cited Ranked No.1 in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China
2009/05/19 NTU Overseas Youth Corps Completed Its Fruitful Service Mission to Northern Thailand
2009/05/19 Campus Recruitment
2009/04/20 Promoting Cultural Exchange and Integration - NTU Launched the Global Lounge and the International Week as Platforms for Enhancing a Sense of Belonging for Foreign Students while Broadening the International Perspectives of Local Students
2009/04/20 Nature's Wild Fun - The Floating Island in Drunken Moon lake and the Sawdust Trail in Black Forest Create Unique Ecological Landscapes for NTU Campus
2009/04/20 NTU INSIGHT Center Signed Memorandum of Cooperation with Professor Nelson B. Powell in an Attempt to Solve Sleeping Disorders of Taiwanese Citizens and to Usher in a New Era in the Development of Sleeping Technology for Taiwan
2009/04/20 Effective in Reducing Life and Property Loss - Department of Geosciences Professor Yih-min Wu's Research on Earthquake Early Warning System Received International Attention
2009/03/31 Highlight of Recent Research on Indian Ocean Killer Cyclone Nargis (Lin et al., Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences) by NASA and USA Today
2009/03/31 Hydrogen produced from water splitting could become a new energy source NTU Department of Chemistry announced research findings at the 2nd Taiwan/UK International Networking for Young Scientists International Seminar
2009/03/31 NTU Department of Mathematics Establishes the Shing Tung Yau Award in Math to Cultivate New Generation of Master Mathematicians
2009/03/31 The NTU Model UN Club Organizes a Team to Participate in the 2009 World Model UN Conference
2009/03/16 NTU Takes the Crowning Glory Again from the IEEE 2009 International Solid State Circuits Conference
2009/03/16 The NTU 2009 Azalea Festival Coming into Full Bloom in March
2009/03/16 The Presidential Couple of the Republic of Palau Invited to visit NTU; Discussed New Initiatives for Cooperation with Oceania Countries
2009/03/16 NTU Launches Serial Activities to Commemorate Charles Darwin's 200th Birthday
2009/02/17 NTU Offers Professional Courses Free of Charge to Benefit the Unemployed and Those on Unpaid Leave
2009/02/17 Dr. Yu Wang of the Department of Chemistry Won the 2009 "Outstanding Women in Science" Award
2009/02/17 NTU Fluid Dynamics Lab Christened in Memory of Former President Chen-Hsing Yen
2009/02/17 Siemens and NTU Work Hand in Glove to Develop Taiwan into an Important Center of Medical Equipment R&D and Innovation
2009/02/17 The Computer and Information Networking Center of NTU Won the 2008 "Best TANET Service Award" from the Ministry of Education
2009/02/17 A Chance to Win U.S.$900 GIS Essay Competition Calls for Entries
2009/02/12 IEEE Names Two More Professors from College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as Fellows
2009/02/12 Department of Mathematics Professor Chun Hsiung Hsia Won Kenda Foundation’s Young Scholar Award
2009/02/12 Loud Cheers for NTU Sports Won 2008 Ministry of Education’s Group Award for Outstanding Performance in Promoting Collegiate Sports
2009/01/12 Coming to the Fore En Masse - NTU Professors Win Half of Ministry of Education's 2008 National Chair Professorship Awards and Academic Awards
2009/01/12 NTU Tops Global Academia by Having 10 Theses Presented at the 2009 International Solid State Circuits Conference
2009/01/12 NTU Insight Center Completes Usability Testing on the User-Centered Smart Pill Box
2009/01/12 Campus Recruitment
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