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2007/11/14 The Roster of 2007 Outstanding Alumni Has Been Announced;9 Winners Will Be Will Receive Public Commendation on University Anniversary Day
2007/11/14 Trend Micro's Chief Cultural Officer Miss Jenny Chen Donates U.S. 1 Million to NTU to Establish a Literary Symposium on Novelist Kenneth Pai
2007/11/14 Graduate School of Business Administration Second Year Student Yi-shuan Leeand Li-Ming Chen cooperated with Tsinghua University Team and Won the 2nd Prize in the National"Dragon Leap Smile Curve Treatise Competition"
2007/11/01 NTU's Students from the Graduate Institute of Building and Planning Valiantly Win the 2nd"Sunty Architecture Award" for Real Estate Investment
2007/11/01 Department of Physics Confers "Distinguished Chair Professor" Certificate on Dr. Chih-yuan Lu
2007/11/01 Results of the Root-Searching Activities of Student Associations Point toward A New Era of Social Service for NTU
2007/10/26 Department of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Teams Defend Their Title in the Utechzone Machine Vision Contest and Win Double Championship
2007/10/26 International Seminar on East Asian Cultural Exchange and Classics Interpretation Now Open for On-line Registration
2007/10/26 NTU Student to Compete in 2008 Beijing Olympics
2007/10/22 Powerchip Semiconductors Set the First Example of Faculty Quota Donation to University in Taiwan: Dr. Stuart Parkin Awarded Ad Hoc Research Appointment by NTU's Physics Department
2007/10/22 NTU's Computer and Information Networking Center Undertakes the Task of Hosting Tanet 2007; Invites All Sectors of Society to Listen to the Wonderful Speech Given by the Father of Internet, Dr. Vint Cerf
2007/10/22 Student Associations of NTU Search for Their Roots-Results Are Put on Exhibition in the Student Activity Center
2007/10/12 The 2nd NTU New Teachers' Study Camp Came to a Satisfactory Ending; Participants Returned from a Rewarding Journey To Chi-tou
2007/10/12 Main Library Offers On-line Japanese Courses
2007/10/12 Professor Kuang-chao Fan of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Awarded "Deep Plough"-the First University Level Industry Economic Contribution Award Issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs
2007/10/01 NTU Holds Public Forum on Global Warming and Energy Trends
2007/10/01 President Li Urges Freshmen to Abide the Four "Yeses" and Four "Nos"
2007/10/01 Taiwan's First Artificial Intelligence Robot Used for Campus Guiding Tours -NTU Robot 1 Debuts in the Freshmen Orientation Ceremony
2007/10/01 Congratulations to Professor Kuang-chao Fan and Professor Yeong-Bin Yang on Their Winning the 2007 "Tsung Zhou Zang Educational Foundation's "Chair Professorships
2007/09/20 Benefiting the Physically Handicapped-NTU's New Invention Makes the Wheelchair More Lightweight and Handy
2007/09/20 "From Wild to Mild": The Orchid Fragrance Society of the Former Taipei Imperial University's (now NTU. During Japanese Occupation NTU @as known as The Taipei Imperial University) Preparatory School Donates Mitusuaki Tanabe's Art Works on Rice to NTU for Open Exihibition
2007/09/20 Taiwan's Forum on Higher Education: University Officials Offer Suggestions and Advice on the Government's Project to Develop World Class Universities and Top Research Centers
2007/09/07 The One and Only in Asia Pacific Region: NTU's Institute of Information Management Doctoral Student Zhang Bo-Hao Wins ISC International Information Security Research Scholarship in Two Consecutive Years
2007/09/07 As Digital Home Life is Becoming Red Hot, NTU's System On Chip Center Holds Forum to Promote Cooperation between Industry and University
2007/09/07 Department of Atmospheric Science's "DotStar" Team Cut Across Typhoon Sepat to Aid in Its Path and Structural Analysis, Thereby Improving the Credibility of the Telemetry of Typhoon's Parameters
2007/08/22 Concentrating Photo Voltage Modules Reduce 30% of the Cost of Power Generation; NTU's Team Wins First Prize of TIC 100's Technology Group
2007/08/22 Powerchip Semiconductors Group, Etron Technology, and Advanced Semiconductors Inc., Will Donate Funds for Ten Consecutive Years to Aid in the Integrated Research and Development of NTU's Chu-Bei Branch School
2007/08/22 NTU Team Won First Place in the First Franco Blue Porcelain Design and Marketing Contest; Will Represent Taiwan to Participate in the Masion & Objet Exhibition in Paris
2007/08/08 NTU Establishes Taiwan's First "Clinical Animal Medicine Research Institute"
Bringing the Quality and Professionalism of Veterinarian Training to a Higher Level
2007/08/08 Two Major Information Research Agencies Work Hand in Hand:
NTU and III Co-establish "Head Research Center" Enhancing the Scientific and Technological Competitiveness of Taiwan
2007/08/08 From Raising by Hand to Industrialized Breeding of Pigs
2007/07/30 NTU'S "Cumulative Knowledge Building" Holds Ground-Breaking Ceremony; Donator Chairman Morris Chang of TSMC Expects NTU to March toward Academic Excellence and to Foster Leadership Talents
2007/07/30 Walk onto the Global Stage: NTU's Center for International Academic Exchanges Held Series of Workshops for the Training of International Affairs Personnel
2007/07/30 Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences Invites Professor Ma Jun-Ming to Talk About the Cause and Impact of Misgovernment and Human Error
2007/07/13 Resident Scholar of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences-Professor Reginold Yin-Wan Kwok Talks about the Miraculous Growth of China and the Politics and Economy of Hong Kong Before and After Its Reunification with China
2007/07/13 Division of Continuing Education and Professional Development Celebrates Twentieth Anniversary, Reaping the Fruits from the Tree of Knowledge Which It Planted Twenty Years Ago
2007/07/13 Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering's Thirtieth Year Anniversary Celebration Reaped a Bountiful Harvest in Research Achievements
2007/06/28 In the Wake of a Global Craze for Learning Chinese, "NTU Chinese's" Instant Acoustic Recognition Technology Tops the World
2007/06/28 The Tenth NTU Literary Awards Holds Ceremony; President Si-chen Li Affirms the Importance of Literature
2007/06/28 Scholarly Publications from the University Press Receive Subsidies from the National Science Council's Research Center for Humanities
2007/06/14 Northern California Alumni Miss Yu Shun-hwa and Miss Zheng Fu-mei Make Contributions to Establish the NTU Humanities Archives
2007/06/14 NTU's Center for Teaching and Learning Development Absorbs Experiences From Famous American Universities in an Effort to Upgrade the Teaching Quality of NTU
2007/06/14 Thirty-Year Anniversary Celebrations of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering to be Held on an Expanded Scale on June 29th, and 30th
2007/05/30 NTU's Athletic Teams Win The Greatest Number of Medals in Men B And Women B Competitions in the National College and University Sports Meet
2007/05/30 Departments and Graduate Institutes Announce Time and Place For the Tassel Flipping Ceremony during Graduation Convocation
2007/05/30 Cornell University Professor David Easley to Give Economics Lectures at NTU
2007/05/16 Creating Asia's First Internet Live Broadcast Weather Forecast TV Station: NTU's Graduate Institute of Journalism Held Expository Session on May 14
2007/05/16 Relive Taiwan's Past History: NTU's Main Library Premiered "American aid and Mr. Valery Sergei de Beausset" documentary Film on May 17
2007/05/16 NTU's University Press New DVD Series "Basic Instruments In Biochemical Experiemts: Mr. Lizard's Magic Salon Show" Now Launched for Sale
2007/05/09 Doctoral Students from the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Come to the Fore, Exhibiting Excellent Strength in Technological Research and Development
2007/05/09 First Taiwan Intercollegiate Soccer Cup for International Students Took Place at NTU Football Field on May 5th, 6th
2007/05/09 NTU's American Alumnus Li Hua-lin(李華林) Donates U.S. $320,000 to Gallery of University History's Special Exhibition Hall, and to the Main Library's Humanities Archives
2007/05/05 NTU's "Stray Bird Experience Camp" to Begin Activities Soon, Students Are Welcome to Register
2007/05/05 My Learning and Thinking Process
2007/05/05 On Line Courses for General Chemistry Now Offered to Expand Your Vista of Life And Ignite your Passion for Chemistry
2007/04/25 Legislative Yuan's Education and Culture Committee Came to NTU to Inspect the Progress of the "En Route to a First Class University" Project
2007/04/25 All Faculty and Students Are Welcome to Participate in the "Free Infinite Campus Roaming" Internet Project
2007/04/25 NTU's Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences Sent Delegation to Visit Harvard University and Princeton's Institute for Advanced Studies
2007/04/18 Center for Teaching and Learning Development Implements "Reading Group Plan,"Aiming to Enrich Students' Lives through Joint Reading of Classics
2007/04/18 Recruitment Guidelines for the 2007 Doctoral Programs Now Available for Sale
2007/04/18 Academician Nan Lin to Speak in the Lecture Series Held by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences
2007/04/15 NTU's Graduate Institute of Journalism, the Center for Teaching and Learning Development, and the Multimedia Center Work in Tandem to Usher in A New Epoch in Journalistic Teaching
2007/04/15 University Annual Sports Meet Held March 31st and April 1st
2007/04/15 President of IMD Pays Visit to NTU, Talks Eloquently about Exploring Taiwan in the Rankings of World Competitiveness
2007/04/01 College of Bioresources and Agriculture Signs Agreement with University of Illinois to Co-implement Summer Courses on Biodiversity and Taiwan Culture
2007/04/01 ARPU Forum to Probe Benchmarking Asia Pacific Universities in The Globa Era: Competition and Collaboration
2007/04/01 USC Marshall Business School Elites Faced Off With NTU Management College's Best Students in Case Study CompetitionXResulting in Enhancement of International Competency
2007/03/22 Mr. Sun Yun-suan's Memorial Lecture Series on ManagementXLinHwai-ming: Liberation of the Body: From the White Snake to the Free-flowingTrilogy
2007/03/22 New Initiatives in Taiwan/Japan Relations ResearchXSymposiums Discussed Bilateral Interactivity and Influence
2007/03/22 First Successful Case of Human Stem Cells Fostering the Ovum Outside the BodyXNTU's Medical Team Publishes Treatise in the "Human Reproduction" Magazine and Becomes Its Cover Story
2007/03/15 University Presidents of UMAP Hold Video Conference
To Discuss Work Plans and Directions for the Next Five Years
2007/03/15 Bell Tower's Surrounding Landscape To Improve
2007/03/15 Appreciate the Beauty of the Peach Blossom Corridor and an Array of Tropical FlowersXNTU's Highlands Experimental Farm to launch "2007 Plum Peak Peach Blossom Affinity" Program Series Soon
2007/02/16 "Vision 2007" Campus Recruitment Activities to Commence on a Grand Scale Starting March 1st
2007/02/16 National Taiwan University Press Cooperating with Google Book Search to Promote Book Sales in the Digital Era
2007/02/16 NTU Won the First EMBA Intercollegiate Case Study Competition, Teams Wrangled in a Gentlemanly Manner
2007/02/07 Nine NTU Faculty Won National Science Council's Outstanding Research Awards for 2006
2007/02/07 Historical Memoirs at the Turn of the Century, Remarkable Foresight That Gave Food for Thought: NTU's Retired President Dr. Chen Wei-zhao Had Twelve Glorious Years during His Tenure
2007/02/07 NTU's 2007 "Azalea Festival" and "Academic Departments Expo"To Take Place from March 17th-18th
2007/01/31 Taiwan's First University Course on Live TV Weather Broadcasting to be Launched by NTU Next Semester
2007/01/31 Hong Kong City University's Chair Professor Zhang Longxi Masterfully Expounds the Important Concepts of Hermeneutic in Humanities Lecture Series
2007/01/31 Application Deadline for Eurasia-Pacific Uninet Scholarships Set at March 15th
2007/01/24 Department of Electrical Engineering's New BuildingXE.E. Building No.4 Held Inauguration Ceremony on January 11th, amid Hopes that This New Facility Will Continue to Nurture Taiwan's International Influence
2007/01/24 Main Library Adds ECCO, MOMW, EAI, EEBO, and PAO Databases to Its Collections
2007/01/24 Seek "Reality" from "Illusion,", Cultivate "Art" through "Knowledge," the 2007 NTU "Azalea Festival Illusion Show" Is about to be Staged
2007/01/17 NTU Professors Win the 2nd Yung Hsin Group's Li Tien-De MedicinalTechnology Awards in Several Categories
2007/01/17 Academician David Wang Der-Wei to Give Two Lectures at NTU's Humanities Talk Series, Recalling the Lyric Voices of the Epic Er
2007/01/17 Center for Teacher Education Professors Fwu Bih-Jen and Wang Hsiou-Huai Receive Honors as Paragons of Teacher Education from Ministry of Education
2007/01/10 Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation Donates Faculty Quota to NTU, Setting a New Model for Industy/Academics Cooperation
2007/01/10 Fourth Batch of Peinan Historic Relics Smoothly Handed Over to National Museum of Prehistory by NTU's Anthropology Department
2007/01/10 Semester End Bicycling Safety Carnival Launched on January 5th
2007/01/03 NTU's Political Science Department to Begin Transnational Double Degree Program in Collaboration with the Political/Economic Academic Division of Japan's Waseda Univeristy
2007/01/03 Students Need to Renew Their Easy Card Settings for Parking at the Garages at Gongguan and Hsin-sheng South Road
2007/01/03 Institute for Advanced Research in Humanities and Social Sciences Invites Professor Zhang, Long-xi to Give Lectures
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