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2010/12/13 Honorary Doctorate Presented to Prof. Fu Hu at NTU’s 82nd Anniversary Ceremony
2010/12/13 National Taiwan University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong Co-establishes the “Joint Center for Clinical Research”
2010/12/13 Actively Promoting Exchanges and Co-operations with the World’s Leading Universities
2010/12/13 NTU, USC and PKU Students to Take Classes Simultaneously Online This Spring
2010/12/13 Congratulations!! Department of Bio-Industry Communications and Development Senior Miss Wang-Jung Cheng Won the Bronze Medal in the 400 Meters Medley in Swimming in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games
2010/11/11 1996 Economics Nobel Laureate Professor James Mirrlees Came to NTU to Talk About “When will the Chinese Economics Grow More Slowly?”
2010/11/11 Jin-shan Branch of NTU Hospital Inaugurated
2010/11/11 Enhancing Taiwan’s International Competitiveness College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Established Green Electric Energy Research Center to Study Market Trends and Provide Initiatives
2010/11/11 The IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems Held by the to-be-unveiled NTU Robotics Research Center Ended on a Perfect Note
2010/11/11 NTU Established “Partnership” with European Union’s Erasmus Mundus Program
2010/09/21 The NTU Information Engineering Team Flourished in ACMSIGKDD 2010 by Winning the Big Awards
2010/09/21 President of Washington University in St. Louis Visited NTU and Delivered a Speech on Energy Issues
2010/09/21 The 9th International Junior Scholar's Conference on Sinology Blazed New Trails for Taiwan Culture and Literature Research
2010/09/21 NTU Overseas Service Learning Corps Spread Love in Malaysia
2010/08/12 NTU Achieved Success in Hosting the 2nd Global Initiatives Symposium
2010/08/12 NTU Alumni Association’s Public Lecture Series Invited Dr. Hsien-Hao Liao to Speak on "Literature and Creative Life"
2010/08/12 NTU Center for Developmental Biology and Regeneration Medicine Inaugurated
2010/08/12 The Family Resource Center of NTU Hospital Now Open to The Public
2010/08/12 NTU Library Acquires New Resources on Japanese Study--The Japan Knowledge
2010/07/08 Winners of the Eighth NTU Innovation Contest Announced—Blood Hunter and Electronic Clothing Took the Crown
2010/07/08 NTU’s School of Veterinary Medicine Classified as the first “Professional College” in Taiwa
2010/07/08 NTU Advanced Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Surgical Team Successfully Completed Splenectomy
2010/07/08 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey Officially Enters upon a Sister-School Relationship with NTU
2010/05/31 Former President of the American Academy of Science Dr. Bruce Alberts Talked about the Past and Future of Biology
2010/05/31 Department of Electrical Engineering Professor Ren C. Luo won the National Innovation Award With Navigation System for the Visually Impaired
2010/05/31 NTU Acquired the Right to Host the 2011 APAIE Annual Conference; President Lee Led Delegation to Australia to Handle the Transfer of Hosting Rights
2010/05/31 NTU “OncoNet” Anti-cancer New Drug Program” Set in Motion
2010/05/31 Clamoring for International Regional Cooperation of Higher Education—Taiwan Hosted ASAIHL Conference for the First Time
2010/04/21 Cultural Interchange Music from England -David Owen Norris Debut in NTU Center for Arts
2010/04/21 Say Goodbye to Pain and Disease NTU Interdisciplinary Research Group Developed Biomedical Chip
2010/04/21 UK-TAIWAN ICT Workshop to be Held to PromoteTaiwan-EU Bilateral Relations
2010/04/21 Two Distinguished Professors from NTU Elected to APS Fellowship in Spring
2010/03/01 Building Lab with Leading International Corporations Tektronix Authorizes E-Learning Program to National Taiwan University
2010/03/01 First IFSA Meeting in Asia Taking Place at NTU
2010/03/01 The Combination of Biological and Physical Chemistry—Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistor Detects Protein-Protein Interactions
2010/03/01 Using Microwave to Extract Heavy Metals from Sludge and Ash —Environmental Engineering Professor Shang-Lien Lo Awarded the “First Class Professional Medal in Environmental Protection” by the Environmental Protection Administration
2010/03/01 NTU System on Chips Center Held Power IC Forum to Discuss the Future Trends in Industrial Development
2010/02/02 NTU Student Team Won the ISSCC Student Design Contest for the Fifth Time
2010/02/02 NTU’s Self-Organized Student Team Won the First Prize in the U.S. $10 billion Financial Olympiad
2010/02/02 Vice President Vicent Siew: It’s Exhilarating to Hear That NTU Was Ranked the 95th Place in the World
2010/02/02 Department of Material Science Research Team Achieved Major Breakthrough Opto-electrical Materials Results Published in the Internationally Renowned Journal “Nanotechnology”
2010/02/02 Professor Gong-Ru Lin Awarded Fellowship ofthe British IET
2010/02/02 College of Management’s Efforts towards Internationalization Received Five Palms Rating from 2009 Eduniversal
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