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2006/12/27 Eastern Home Shopping Study Encouragement Fund Donation Ceremony Held on December 18th, Along with the Award Ceremony of Various Kinds of Scholarships for the First Semester of 2006
2006/12/27 All Faculty and Students Urged to Join the “NTU Humanities Archive” Drive, by Donating Books for Permanent Collection
2006/12/27 Main Library Alters Space Arrangement in Reading Room to Provide Better Reading Environment
2006/12/20 NTU’s Institute for Advanced Research in Humanities and Social Sciences Holds “Lectures Series in Humane Studies”, and Invites Academia Sinica Academician Hsu Cho-yun to Give Talk
2006/12/20 Germany Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) To AcceptApplications for Taiwanese/German Youth Summer Camp and Short Term Research Projects for Taiwanese Doctoral Students
2006/12/20 Old Photos Tell Story: Dr. Hu Shih’s First Lecture at NTU
2006/12/13 NTU’s President Li Leads Group to Visit Nanjing University, Shanghai Jiao-Tung University, and Fudan University, Signs Intercollegiate Agreement for Academic Exchange
2006/12/13 Starter’s Gun Will Fire on December 9th to Commence NTU’s 2006 Annual Marathon
2006/12/13 NTU’s Promotional Forum on Research Achievements Held on December 1st for Industry
2006/12/06 Anniversary Fun Fair Took Place on Palm Tree Boulevard on November 25th amidst Great Jubilation
2006/12/06 NTU Students Donate Blood Enthusiastically, Instilling a Whiff of Warm-heartedness into Society; School of Management Faculty and Students Passionately Participated in the Blood Donation Drive
2006/12/06 “A Special Encounter with E-learning”— NTU’s Main LibraryLaunches Library Week
2006/11/29 Department of Agronomy Holds Anniversary Celebration Serial Activity: A Commemorative Meeting of Professor Isonaga Yoshi—the “Father of the Taiwan Ponlai Rice”, on the Occasion of the 120th Anniversary of His Birth on November 23rd
2006/11/29 NTU To Hold The 2nd International Symposium on Excellence in Teaching and Learning from November 27-29; Prestigious Universities from the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Invited to Attend This Exchange Platform
2006/11/29 NTU’s Doctoral Candidate Miss Huang Li-Rung’s Research Article “An Immunocomptetent Mouse Model for the Tolerance of Human Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection” Published in the U.S. PNAS (Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences)
2006/11/22 NTU Team Takes Top Honors in “Vehicle Electrical System Design” Category in Nissan’s 2006 “Design the Future” National Competition
2006/11/22 Screening for 2007/2008 International Exchange Students
2006/11/22 The 2006 NTU International Conference on Finance:Corporate Governance and Financial Intermediation
2006/11/13 NTU Announces Roster of Outstanding Alumni for 2006
2006/11/13 Using Superior Methods to Establish a Leading-Brand in Chinese-Language Teaching: NTU-to-Install a Full Fledged Mechanism for Chinese Proficiency Testing
2006/11/13 Upon invitation, NTU’s President Dr. Si-chen Li attended Beijing Forum with key members of his administration, and established a solid foundation for cross-strait academic cooperation
2006/11/06 Consulting Research Center for Statistics and Bioinformatics (CRCSB) held Unveiling Ceremony on November 3rd
2006/11/06 NTU’s Department of Bio-industrial Mechatronics Engineering Team Won Championship at the National Machine Vision Contest
2006/10/25 NTU Students and Teachers Display Creativity to Win “Dragon Smile Competition”:3D Photos Developed by Electronics Institute Team Take First Place
2006/10/25 Conduct Discussions Easily and Comfortably!The Introduction of the “Noisy Corner” Learning Space Creates a New Look for the Library.
2006/10/11 The First Natively Developed Array Radio Telescope-- Array for Microwave Background Anisotropy (AMiBA) Radio Telescope — Inaugurated in Mauna Loa, Hawaii, on October 3rd
2006/10/11 NTU's Physics Department Held Premiere Showing of the Documentary Film "Cracking the Atomic Nucleus"
2006/10/04 An Enchanting Story of a 3000 Kilometer Chase of Sunlight — The World Premiere of the Documentary Film "For More Sun"
2006/09/27 Bio-medicine Combines with IT Innovation to Create a New Era of Gene Analyses through Transnational Collaboration
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