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Consulting Research Center for Statistics and Bioinformatics (CRCSB) held Unveiling Ceremony on November 3rd

Statistics has been an indispensable research tool for heredity and breeding studies all along. At the beginning of the 21st century, bioinformatics played an even more indispensable role in genomics, proteomics, and biotechnology.

The World’s top 100 universities all have Statistics Departments with long histories. , or consulting center/laboratory for statistics, the purpose of which is to offer a research platform for inter-disciplinary studies.

In Taiwan, the Statistics Department of National Cheng-chi University and the Statistical Consulting Center of National Cheng-kung University also have been established for many years.

The National Taiwan University has already been founded for well over sixty years, but up to the present there has been no Statistics Department, graduate school for Bioinfomatics, or Consulting Center for Statistics. In order to become a top notch university, and to pursue academic excellence, the College of Biological Resources and Agriculture established a Consulting Research Center for Statistics and Bioinformatics, and held its unveiling ceremony and expository conference on November the 3rd. In the future, this research center shall provide all rounded Statistical, Bio-statistical, and Bio-informational advisory service to teachers, graduate students, and educational units within the college and university, and also to industries and institutions outside the university.

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