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Eastern Home Shopping Study Encouragement Fund Donation Ceremony Held on December 18th, Along with the Award Ceremony of Various Kinds of Scholarships for the First Semester of 2006

Eastern Home Shopping’s Study Encouragement Fund donation ceremony was held on December 18th, along with the award ceremony for various kinds of scholarships for the first semester of the current academic year. These two ceremonies took place in the first conference room located in the first Administrative Building around noon time. In addition to awarding the NTU Study Encouragement scholarships and the Outstanding Achievement scholarships, President Si-chen Li also issued certificates of appreciation to the donorsof these scholarships, including: Eastern Home Shopping Company, the SMTC Culture and Education Foundation, Mr. Tzong Jwo Jang’s Educational Foundation, Clinico Company, and the Alumni Association of Class 1963 of the Department of Commerce.

All NTU’s scholarships are awarded in strict accordance with the rules and regulations spelled out by the donors. Applicants are meticulously scrutinized, and only the best students are qualified as recipients. Those who won the scholarships received not only monetary benefits, but also spiritual encouragement, which probably meant more to them.

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