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All Faculty and Students Urged to Join the “NTU Humanities Archive” Drive, by Donating Books for Permanent Collection

The main library of NTU wants to express its gratitude to all NTU members who have vehemently participated in the “Humanities Archive” drive, and expects more faculty and students to donate their publications so that NTU can march toward a university of excellence. Rules for donation are as follows: All present and past faculty and staff, and all alumni and currently enrolled students, are eligible to donate their publications(including translations and editorial works) to the archive. The donated publications will be permanently archived and displayed on specially designated shelves, and the catalogues of the archival collection will be posted on library website for open search. Authors of the donated publications are welcome to sign their autographs and notes on their donations to make them more valuable.

In addition, personal notes, autobiographies, letters, manuscripts, historical photos, news clippings, certificates, paintings, photographs, teaching materials (texts, pictures, and audio tapes) all fall in the realm of expanded collection and are welcome by the library.

Contact Person:
Miss Wang
TEL 33662295
e-mail: dianewang@ntu.edu.tw

List of Donors:

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