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NTU Students Donate Blood Enthusiastically, Instilling a Whiff of Warm-heartedness into Society; School of Management Faculty and Students Passionately Participated in the Blood Donation Drive

Sponsored by the Student Union of the School of Management, the “In Search of Warm Blood” donation drive took place last Thursday and Friday at Lu-ming Square in front of the Geology Department. Vice President Tai-Jen George Chen graced the occasion with his presence and delivered the opening speech. He, along with Dean Dr. Mao-Wei Hung, Vice Dean Dr. Suming Lin, department heads, administrative staff,and a number of students participated in the activity, and donated 269 bags of fresh blood altogether.

A spokesman for the Student Union said the purpose of the donation drive was to attract the attention of fellow students and promote departmental solidarity through competition. “The collection of blood would arouse our awareness of social welfare, and make donors realize that helping others is the foundation of happiness. In addition, it would inspire the public to donate blood and become good Samaritans like us,” he said.

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