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NTU Announces Roster of Outstanding Alumni for 2006

The 2006 roster of outstanding alumni of NTU has been officially announced. Altogether six distinguished alumni won this special honor,which falls into three selection categories: Academics, Industry & Commerce, and Social Service.

NTUˇs Outstanding Alumni Award was inaugurated in 2006, all those who graduated from NTU with outstanding achievements in humanities, arts, academics, industry/ commerce, and social services are eligible for recommendation.

Winners of the 2006 Outstanding Alumni Award will be publicly commended at the school anniversary celebration ceremony which takes place on November 15th.. They will also be invited to serve as keynote speakers at NTUˇs general educational forum. The given topic for each recipient of the award is “ My Learning and Thinking Process.” Through these lectures, the winners are expected to share their struggles and success stories in their respective areas of specialization with their undergraduate fellow students.

The roster of this year’s winners of Outstanding Alumni Award follows:

Catergory: Academics

Mr. Shih Ming (graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department in 1957)

Mr. Lee Ro-chuan (graduated from the Physics Department in 1969)

Mr. Yao Meng-zhao (graduated from the Zoology Department in 1971)

Category: Industry/Commerce

Mr. Barry Lin (graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department in 1970)

Mr. Lee Kung-yao (graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department in 1974)

Category: Social and Community Services

Hsu Wen-zheng (graduated from the Department of Medical Science in 1949)

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