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Germany Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) To AcceptApplications for Taiwanese/German Youth Summer Camp and Short Term Research Projects for Taiwanese Doctoral Students

For the purposes of promoting academic exchange between the young generation research personnel of Germany and Taiwan, and expanding the scope of academic cooperation between the two countries, the National Science Council signed an agreement with Germany’s Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) which will provide subsidies to a youth summer camp and short term research projects on the doctoral level (also known as the Sandwich Program). Applicants must be citizens of Taiwan, and enrolled doctoral students in Taiwan’s colleges or universities and/or research institutes. The summer camp will provide visits to Germany for a length of 8 to 12 weeks, of which the first week will be spent on common courses, which will provide opportunities for cultural exchange and an understanding of the research environment in Germany. The other weeks are practical training for various areas of specialization. In principle, Taiwanese students should go to Germany between the beginning of July and the end of September.

Time span for application:

  1. For Taiwanese/Germany Youth Summer Camp—applications will be accepted from January 1st 2007 to January 31st 2007.
  2. For the 2007 Autumn class under Sandwich Program—applications will be accepted from January 1st 2007 to January 31st 2007.
  3. For the 2008 Spring class under Sandwich Program—applications will be accepted from July 1st 2007 to July 31st 2007.

All students who want to apply need to prepare all required documents as stated in the brochures. Credentials will be forwarded to Germany by the University. (All data forwarded to Germany by NTU for reviewing purposes must be received early. For details contact Miss Chen at the Academic Exchange Center.E-mail: chiungfen@ntu.edu.tw ; Tel: 3366-2007, ext. 214)

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