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The 2006 NTU International Conference on Finance:
Corporate Governance and Financial Intermediation

NTU held its first International Conference on Finance in 1995. After having accumulated five years’experience, NTU’s International Conference on Finance has become the most influential gathering of both academicians and practitioners in Taiwan’s financial circles.

Past keynote speakers for NTU’s International Conferences were all maestros in international financial society. For example, William Sharpe, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990, was the founder of CAMP; Myron S. Scholes, winner of Nobel Prize in Economics in 1997, was the co-author of the famous Black-Scholes option valuation model; Richard Roll, former Chairman of the American Finance Association (AFA), was the author of the APT model; Edward Altman, who proposed the Z-score model, was the originator of credit risk models. In 2004 NTU invited Michael C. Jensen to deliver the keynote speech. Jensen’s“Agency Theory”developed in collaboration with Meckling (1976)had profound influence in “economics and finance studies," Jensen also proposed the widely known theory of “Jensen’s α”in the field of asset management.

For this year’s conference NTU invited Professor Lemma Senbet to be the keynote speaker. In a survey conducted in 1986, Senbet was elected one of the three scholars who contributed the most to the Journal of Finance (the most prestigious periodical on finance) from 1976-1985.

Senbet’s coming to Taiwan is more than a grand event for Taiwan’s academia. Through media’s broadcasting of the speeches and discussions delivered during the Conference, practitioners in financial institutions will get a chance to know about the newest developments in the studies of banking and financial affairs. In addition, by way of itinerary arrangement, high ranking government officials, such as theMinister of Finance, the President of the Central Bank, even the Premier and the President, will also get a chance to seek advice from the great master face to face, and these sessions are expected to be quite beneficial to the internationalization of Taiwan’s financial and monetary policies.

Conference Dates: December 13th-14th.

Conference Venue: International Conference Center, located in the College of Medicine of NTU

For related information please log onto www.fin.ntu.edu.tw/~conference
Contact person: 886-2-33661100, Miss Li, Teaching Assistant.

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