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Main Library Alters Space Arrangement in Reading Room to Provide Better Reading Environment

In order to provide a better reading environment, the Main Library of NTU recently made adjustments in the arrangement of the space. Several improvements were made to the insufficiently illuminated reading area and the rear end foyer, and a large number of shelves were added to accommodate the needs of book storage.

In spite of these changes, however, the number of seats in the reading room was not reduced; only their locations were changed. Since the purpose of the desks and chairs in the reading room is to provide convenient and comfortable seating to those who seek knowledge or look up data, the library earnestly implore students who are only studying not to occupy desk and chairs in the reading area. Besides, the Main Library has a 400 plus seating area in the Self-study Room in Basement 1 students who only want to study can always go there, instead of impeding the activities of those who want to look up data or find books.

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