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Anniversary Fun Fair Took Place on Palm Tree Boulevard on November 25th amidst Great Jubilation

NTU’s Anniversary Fun Fair took place at 10 a.m. on November 25th. Dean of Academic Affairs, Ms. Joyce Yen Feng, representing University.

President Dr. Si-chen Li, delivered the opening speech and thanked faculty and students and all those who were present for their warm participation. During the ceremony, he also awarded certificates of appreciation to delegates from the “1111 Human Resource Bank” and China Television Service. In the company of representatives from various departments and college student unions, Dean Feng put the finished touches on a big map of NTU which was compiled by the Student Government to symbolize the versatile and team-working spirit of NTU.

Activities at this garden fete included performances by the NTU Guzheng Club, the NTU Flamenco Dance Club, the NTU Bajiquan Kongfu Club, etc. A humorous competition, entitled “Who’s Got the Biggest Stomach? A Drive to Rescue the Banana Farmers” was also staged at the event. Participants were divided into the men group and the women group. Members from each group who could eat the most bananas became Prince Banana and Princess Banana and were awarded an Okwap cell phone worth N.T. 10,000. Other activities included performances by the Music Society, the Four Health Club, etc. A romantic race was also waged to choose the best horse carriage couple, and the winning couple was awarded a laptop computer.

After 6 p.m. the Fun Fair reached its climax when “Campus Singing Cutthroat Competition” was being put on. The whole Palm Tree boulevard was jam-packed with onlookers. This event allowed the finalists to appear on stage with a number of celebrity artists. Altogether ten finalists were chosen, from whom three presiding judges selected the champion, who was brought into the studio to do a live recording.

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