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NTU's Eminent Alumnus Jonney Shih Donates Humanity Building to his alma mater

   Mr. Jonney Shih, Chairman and CEO of the Asustek Computers Group, who graduated from the Department of Electrical Enginerring decades ago, personally donates N.T. 540 million to his alma mater for the purpose of constructing a Humanities Building. His generous offer opens new windows of opportunities for the Liberal Arts College which has been short of resources for a long time.

    The design and construction of NTU's Humanities Building will be handled by a professional team consigned by Kuan-shu Educational Foundation, which is formed also by Mr. Shih's private donations.

    The completion of the Humanities Building shall effectively solve the long-existing issues of insufficient space and resources in the Liberal Arts College. Departments and graduate schools need no longer be dispersed around campus. In addition, the new building shall enhance NTU's goal of pursuing academic excellence, and of becoming a leading institution in international humanities research. : In sum, the Liberal Arts College of NTU shall become much more competitive academically owing to the construction of the new Humanities Building.

    Dr. Si-chen Li, President of NTU, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Jonney Shih's generous donation. He said that at a critical juncture when NTU is marching toward becoming one of the world's top notch universities, Mr. Shih adhered to his belief that "Humanities is the foundation of a person's attainments. It is also the beginning of education, and the soul of an university". He said that he was particularly moved by Mr. Shih's magnanimous offer.

    Mr. Jonney Shih said during the donation ceremony that only through the integration of humanities and technology .can we create more human needs. He also emphasized the importance of dialogue between science/technology and the liberal arts disciplines.

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