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view picture img 2015/1/1 A Look Back at NTU 2014: We Work, We Play, and We Create!
view picture img 2014/11/24 Smart Cities, Healthy Cities: Debut NTU-UIUC Global Issues Forum
view picture img 2014/11/19 NTU Honors Multiple Recipients at 86th University Anniversary
view picture img 2014/10/13 Electrical Engineering Professor Receives IEEE Top Paper Award
view picture img 2014/10/09 NTU's Superior Stent Design Concept Awarded 2014 Red Dot Award
view picture img 2014/10/06 NTU Leads over 2,000 Educators in Creating Flipped Classroom Revolution
view picture img 2014/09/30 College of Public Health Hosts APRU 2014 Global Health Workshop
view picture img 2014/09/25 NTU Cross-National Tuberculosis Prevention Research Published in The Lancet Global Health
view picture img 2014/09/23 NTU Underwater Vehicle Lab Wins Gold with Extremely Agile Robotic Fish
view picture img 2014/09/16 Kyoto University - National Taiwan University 2nd Symposium Takes Place in Japan
view picture img 2014/09/13 NTU Announces Coursera Courses for 2014 Fall
view picture img 2014/09/12 NTU Students Create Expandable 3D Printer for Home Consumers
view picture img 2014/09/05 College of Social Sciences Celebrates Move into New Building on Main Campus
view picture img 2014/09/01 NTU and Academia Sinica Set up Joint Office for Extended Collaboration
view picture img 2014/08/27 2014 PINE University Sports Meet Kicks Off in NTU
view picture img 2014/08/15 NTU Students Win Top Prize at 2014 Golden Silicon Awards
view picture img 2014/08/11 NTU President Yang Attends APRU University Presidents Meeting in Australia
view picture img 2014/08/04 NTU Students’ Educational App Receives Widespread Success
view picture img 2014/07/29 Research Revolutionizes Warm White LED Performance and Production Cost
view picture img 2014/07/25 2014 NTU Short Film and Photography Contest Open for Submissions
view picture img 2014/07/22 NTU Team awarded 4th place in 2014 ACM International Programming Contest
view picture img 2014/07/18 NTU’s Research on Aphid Reproductive System Continues to Make International Impact
view picture img 2014/07/14 NTU Student Wins First Place at 2014 Soil Judging Contest
view picture img 2014/07/04 Groundbreaking Dark Matter Research Makes Cover of International Physics Journal
view picture img 2014/07/02 NTU Startup Team Wins Bronze at 2014 Rice Business Plan Competition
view picture img 2014/06/27 Midsummer Night’s Blossoms Fill NTU Campus with Transitory Fragrance
view picture img 2014/06/26 NTU Chair Professor Awarded Luigi Tartufari International Prize in Chemistry
view picture img 2014/06/25 NTU Undergraduates Win Second Place in IEEE Signal Processing Contest
view picture img 2014/06/23 Tiny Taiwanese Frog Uses Concrete Drain to Boost Mating Calls
view picture img 2014/06/19 NTU holds Memorial to Commemorate Life and Legacy of Former President
view picture img 2014/06/16 YongLin Healthcare Foundation Donates Proton Therapy System to NTU Cancer Center
view picture img 2014/06/13 NTU, NTNU, and NTUST form the Alliance of National Taiwan Universities
view picture img 2014/06/10 Inheritance, Innovation, Excellence, and Dedication:NTU Graduating Class of 2014
view picture img 2014/06/07 NTU and EUTW hosts first annual Taiwan European Cultural Forum
view picture img 2014/06/05 Management College Receives 12 Paintings by late Chinese Modernist Painter
view picture img 2014/06/04 NTU Host Big Data Symposium to Encourage Interdisciplinary Research
view picture img 2014/06/01 NTU’s Chinese-language Coursera MOOCs Still on Top
view picture img 2014/05/28 NTU Athletes Bring Home 23 Golds at 2014 National Intercollegiate Games
view picture img 2014/05/26 NTU Receives Donation to Establish Kunqu Opera Appreciation Program
view picture img 2014/05/16 NTU’s Quantum Science Center Develops Ultrafast Laser Technique
view picture img 2014/05/13 NTU Research Team Discovers Method to Print Paper Memory
view picture img 2014/05/08 NTU Distinguished Chair Professor Bor-Ming Jahn awarded Geological Society of Japan 2014 International Prize
view picture img 2014/05/05 NTU CCMS Research Team’s breakthrough in Oxide-Interfacial Charges published in Nature Communications
view picture img 2014/04/29 Interdisciplinary Efforts: NTU research team uncovers mystery of disappearing bees
view picture img 2014/04/25 NTU wins “Outstanding Site” for 2014 Awards for OpenCourseWare Excellence
view picture img 2014/04/24 Evidence from the Big Bang: Stanford Physics Professor & NTU Alumnus Chao-Lin Kuo gives lecture at NTU
view picture img 2014/04/14 NTU Study on Island Vegetation Onset Time Published in Environmental Research Letters
view picture img 2014/03/20 Kuwait University administrative delegation attends training program at NTU
view picture img 2014/03/17 NTU Professor C. Robert Kao receives 2014 TMS Brimacombe Medalist Award
view picture img 2014/03/14 NTU takes away Top 4 most popular Chinese language online courses in Coursera Statistics
view picture img 2014/03/11 Exceeding expectations: NTU President launches
NTU Quality Service Campaign
view picture img 2014/03/07 NTU still listed among Top 51-60 in World Reputation Rankings: Times Higher Education
view picture img 2014/03/05 NTU and Mediatek join forces to become pioneer in 5G technology
view picture img 2014/03/03 NTU Ten Disciplines Rated among World Top 50: QS Rankings by Subject 2013/14
view picture img 2014/01/29 The Specimen Room: A Hidden Pearl on Royal Palm Boulevard
view picture img 2014/01/07 Bridging Taiwan and the World with Shakespeare: NTU and MIT Sign Collaboration on Digital Archives
view picture img 2013/12/27 IRHOCS 2013 International Robot Competition NTU Electrical Engineering Professor Ren-Chyuan Luo leads his team to a fifth consecutive championship
view picture img 2013/12/20 The 9th APRU Multi-Hazards Research Symposium Ended Successfully
view picture img 2013/12/16 The 1st National Taiwan University – Kyoto University Symposium
view picture img 2013/10/22 Tradition, innovation, excellence, dedication. Striding to the top in the 21st century. Speech delivered before National Taiwan University Council
view picture img 2013/10/03 The global physical therapy field meets in Taiwan to share successes
view picture img 2013/09/30 The NTU Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE) wins two ACM KDD Cup World Championships at the premier international data mining competition
view picture img 2013/08/26 NTU Leads World with Game-enhanced Coursera MOOC
view picture img 2013/08/09 Joint Founding of the SMART Center National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) & Department of Materials Science, National Taiwan University (NTU)
view picture img 2013/08/05 Transparent Memory Created for Transparent Smart Phones of the Future
view picture img 2013/07/29 Genetically Engineered Banana Plants Vaccinate Swine
view picture img 2013/07/26 Pulitzer Winner Stephen Greenblatt Addresses Taiwan Shakespeare Association at NTU
view picture img 2013/07/12 Revolutionary Thermal Conduction Discovery Published in Nature Nanotechnology
view picture img 2013/07/01 Incoming President Pan-Chyr Yang Takes up the Post in NTU’s Handover Ceremony
view picture img 2013/06/05 Winning Paper Introduces Fingertip Display and Controller for Touch Screens
view picture img 2013/05/24 Methodology for Forecasting Fish Population Sizes Published in PNAS
view picture img 2013/05/15 Eight NTU Subjects Ranked Among the Top 50 in the World
view picture img 2013/04/29 Study Explaining Diversity of Color Patterns in Feathers Published in Science
view picture img 2013/03/20 Azalea Festival Showcases Campus Life for High School Seniors
view picture img 2013/03/05 National Taiwan University Proceeded to the 51st to 60th Place in Times Higher Education World University 2013 Rankings
view picture img 2013/02/22 NTU President Si-Chen Lee and the Former Principal Wei-Zhao Chen’s Speeches for the Celebration of the Chinese New Year
view picture img 2013/02/20 Former President Chien Honored in Memorial Lecture
view picture img 2013/02/07 23 Professors Receive 2012 NSC Outstanding Research Award
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