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NTU Undergraduates Win Second Place in IEEE Signal Processing Contest

The NTU team posing with an engineer
The NTU team posing with an engineer from MathWorks Inc. and Professor Kenneth K. M. Lam at the conference.

A team of nine undergraduate students from National Taiwan University beat over 90 teams from all around the world and came in second at the 2014 IEEE Signal Processing Cup. The team was one of the only three to be selected into the final competition where it presented its project to the International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP) which was held in Florence, Italy in May this year.

The IEEE SP Cup is co-hosted by the organization’s Bio Imaging and Signal Processing Technical Committee (BISP TC) and SPS Student Services Committee, and sponsored by MathWorks Inc. The competition provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to use signal-processing techniques and methods to solve challenging and real-world problems under the theme, "Image restoration/Super-resolution for Single Particle Analysis."

The NTU team was formed by Department of Electrical Engineering students Shao-Hua Sun (孫紹華), Ming-Jen Yang (楊明仁), Guan-Lin Chao (趙冠琳), Yi-Ching Chiu (邱意晴), Kai-Wen Liang (梁楷彣), Yen-Chen Wu (吳彥諶), Ti-Fen Pan (潘迪芬), Po-Wen Hsiao (蕭博文), and Kuan-Hao Huang (黃冠豪) from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. Department of Electrical Engineering Professor Shao-Yi Chien (簡韶逸) served as team leader, while Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering Ph.D student Wei-Chih Tu (塗偉志) as team advisor.

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