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Archives 2012

view picture img 2012/12/05 NTU and DOH Open Two Centers to Develop Health Data Applications.
view picture img 2012/11/29 The mystery of left-right asymmetry - zebrafish has an answer.
view picture img 2012/11/07 Wind Rises with the Moon Halo, Rain Comes along with the Wet Base Stone of the Column: Unveiling the Myth of Analyzing Statistics and Detecting Causality, Professor Chih-hao Hsieh of NTU Institute of Oceanography Had His Recent Research Result Published on Science
view picture img 2012/09/28 Professor Shih-I Chu, from NTU Department of Physics in the College of Physics, Was Selected for The Member of physics by TWAS
view picture img 2012/09/25 The inauguration of National Center for Food Safety Education and Research, which was established by a collaboration between the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Taiwan and the College of Bioresources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University
view picture img 2012/09/14 QS Announced that National Taiwan University Made a Leap to the 80th Place on 2012 QS World University Rankings, the Best Ranking Ever in the NTU History.
view picture img 2012/09/12 Congratulations to the Prize Winners of the 16th National Professorship and the 56th Academic Award
view picture img 2012/09/06 NTU President Si- Chen Lee Honored Professor Shoucheng Zhang with the Agreement of Employment for the Interview Workshops at NTU: Professor Shoucheng Zhang’s Theory of Topological Insulator Won Him the 2012 Dirac Prize
view picture img 2012/08/31 The NTU Research Team of Department of Computer Science and Integrated Engineering Won the World Champion from the 2012 ACM KDD Cup under the Title of Predicting the Click-through Rate
view picture img 2012/08/22 The Official Establishment of NTUAA-NA on August 11th, 2012
view picture img 2012/07/23 Wang Jung Cheng, from the NTU Department of Bio- Industry Communication and Development, is going to compete the 200-meter butterfly swimming in women’s group in the 2012 London Olympics for Taiwan
view picture img 2012/07/10 The Geologic Research of National Taiwan University Has been Published on Nature Climate Change: Unveiling the Myth of the Summer Rain in Taiwan, the Record of the Sea Surface Temperature in the South Pacific Ocean
view picture img 2012/07/02 Signing the Sustainable Donation Contract for the LeCosPA in National Taiwan University and Celebrating the Opening Ceremony of the ARA Observatory in NTU Historical Gallery
view picture img 2012/06/15 The Research Result of National Taiwan University and Academia Sinica Has Been Published on Nature Communication: The Revelation from Taiwan Yuhina for a Prosperous Future with the Great Perspective
view picture img 2012/06/05 The NTUgs Team Led by Prof. Yao-Wen Chang of NTU Department of Electrical Engineering Won the First Prize from 2012 ACM ISPD International Contest, the Sixth Time Receiving the Honor of the World Top Prize
view picture img 2012/05/23 NTU School Teams Won Ten Champions from the 2012 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games
view picture img 2012/05/11 Developing a Prosperous Future for a Greater Improvement: National Taiwan University Held the Opening Ceremony for NTU-iCeiRA (NTU International Center of Excellence on Intelligent Robotics and Automation Research)
view picture img 2012/05/02 The Outstanding Research of Professor Jing-Tang Yang and His Research Team from NTU Department of Mechanical Engineering Has Been Published in Nature Physics
view picture img 2012/03/30 Science, The Scientific Journal, Recently Published the Research Result of the Corporation between National Taiwan University and Harvard University Revealing the Myth of Brain Function: the MRI technique (magnetic resonance imaging)
view picture img 2012/03/16 The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2011-2012: The Reputation of National Taiwan University in the Top 60
view picture img 2012/03/09 Creating New Value By Doing Academic Research and Venturing for the Contribution to the Society: NTU Start-Up Day Shines
view picture img 2012/02/23 Professor Chen Chien-Jen and Professor Tsai Ming-Cheng Received the Great Honor of the Scientific Profession Award Granted by National Science Council
view picture img 2012/02/15 Revealing the Myth of Cellular Energy - National Taiwan University published their cross-country research in Nature, the international scientific journal
view picture img 2012/02/06 The Innovative Breakthrough for Long-Distance Medical Care: NTU Cross-Boundary Medical Team Successfully Invented the Virus Sensor for Children’s Medical Care
view picture img 2012/01/16 Operating the Research Participants by the Research Ethics Office of National Taiwan University Associated with the North Taiwan Alliance
view picture img 2012/01/06 The Ceremony for The Scholarship Awards in The School year of 2011: President Lee Encouraged NTU Students to Develop the Required Virtues and to Live a Prosperous Life with the Enriched Mind
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