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Archives 2011

view picture img 2011/12/28 Promoting University Academic Excellence and Caring Society: NTU’s Multidisciplinary Team Detects Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia by the Nanotechnology Spectroscopy
view picture img 2011/12/14 NTU Team Joined the ARA Observatory: Ultra High Energy GZK Cosmic Neutrino with Askaryan Radio Array Professor Chen Pisin of NTU Department of Physics, the International Spokesman at the Press Conference of Antarctic Detection
view picture img 2011/12/08 National Taiwan University Will Present Our Academic Achievement at 2012 ISCC with Four Accepted Articles
view picture img 2011/11/24 Celebrating the 83rd Anniversary of National Taiwan University: Chi Pang-Yuan Received the Honorary Doctorate Distinguished Graduate Alumni Awards: Yang Nan-Chun, Ding Bang-Xin, Hu Chen-Ming, Ho Jen-Shyong, Stephen Lee and Lu Chau-Chun
view picture img 2011/11/10 National Taiwan University established NTU Literary Translation Award for the very first time to turn classical Chinese poetry into English translations. NTU has made itself a distinguishing figure among the top universities around the world by launching the award with a strong determination
view picture img 2011/10/25 NTU distinguished professors received the 15th National Forum honors and the 55th Academic Award
view picture img 2011/10/14 Professor Chih-Jen Lin in Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering was awarded Taiwan Ten Outstanding Young Persons
view picture img 2011/10/04 The NTU research team led by professors Chih-Jen Lin, Shou-De Lin and Hsuan-Tien Lin in Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering was awarded the world champion once again by ACM KDD Cup.
view picture img 2011/09/08 NTU ranked the 87th place in the QS World University Rankings - The best performance in recent years
view picture img 2011/08/23 The History Wall of the College of Public Health Inaugurated
view picture img 2011/08/09 Professor Ding-Shinn Chen’s Research Achievements on Viral Hepatitis, Chronic Liver Diseases and Liver Cancer Gloriously Published in the Master’s Perspective of the “Hepatology” Journal
view picture img 2011/08/02 “Inhibition of an enzyme that alters DNA topology with an anticancer agent should facilitate development of better cancer drugs.” --Science.
view picture img 2011/07/19 NTU Department of Mechanical Engineering Obtained the Right to Host the World Congress of IFToMM
view picture img 2011/06/27 NTU teams up with Delta Electronics to build the first comprehensive cloud computing environment in Taiwan’s academia
view picture img 2011/06/13 Shanghai Jiao-tong University released academic ranking of Chinese Universities—the Tsing Hua University of Beijing and National Taiwan University Tied for First Place
view picture img 2011/06/03 The Moot-court Team of NTU Law School Got the Runner-Up in Grand Final of ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law
view picture img 2011/05/27 NTU won 32 gold, 17 silver, and 22 bronze medals at this year’s National Collegiate Sports Meet
view picture img 2011/05/09 Expanding Cross-Strait Academic Exchanges Peking University Faculty and Students Invited to Participate in the “Peking University Day”
view picture img 2011/04/29 Come on! Let’s have fun on the verdant lawn !The 2011 NTU Arts Festival Passionately Kicked off on April 29th!
view picture img 2011/04/19 9.6 Billion Dollars earmarked as the total budget for the second phase of MOE’s “Aim for Top University Plan,”of which NTU acquired 3.1 billion.
view picture img 2011/03/25 NTU Made the list of Times reputation ranking of worldwide universities,
ranking between the 81st and the 90th place
view picture img 2011/03/08 2011 Asia/Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE) Annual Conference and Exhibition Held in NTU
view picture img 2011/03/01 Mystery of the Global Invasion of Red Imported Fire Ants Cracked---NTU Department of Entomology Research Paper Published in Science
view picture img 2011/02/16 Major Green Buildings of Our Campus Completed ---The Liberal Education Classroom Building and the Environmental Research Building Inaugurated for Service
view picture img 2011/01/28 Intel and NTU jointly established research center to explore machine to machine (M2M) communication technology
view picture img 2011/01/19 NTU Interdisciplinary R&D Team Successfully Developed Real-Time Multi-function Portable Medical Diagnostic Instrument VsensorNTU Which Can Detect Virus or Caner in 12 Minutes—Our Achievement Shocked the World
view picture img 2011/01/10 New Asthma Drugs Devised by NTU Professors
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