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Shanghai Jiao-tong University released academic ranking of Chinese
Universities—the Tsing Hua University of Beijing and National Taiwan
University Tied for First Place

According to the Academic Rankings of Chinese Universities released for the first time by Shanghai Jiao-tong University on June 1st, National Taiwan University and the Tsing-Hua University of Beijing were tied for first place in overall ranking, and National Taiwan University was tied with the Hong Kong University for Science and Technology for the first place in research output.

In the area of scientific research, over the last 5 years National Taiwan University was ranked the 5th place in terms of the number of papers published in international top-notched journals, and ranked the 2nd place in terms of number of SCIE and SSCI indexed papers. In terms of the number of international patents, we are ranked No.2, right after the Tsing-hua University of Beijing. In all the categories mentioned above, we are the No. 1 university in Taiwan, but insofar as the scientific research funding is concerned, we are ranked the 5th place in Taiwan.

The academic rankings of Chinese Universities was compiled by Shanghai Jiao-tong University and its scope included universities in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. As the systems of higher education varies from one place to another, so only cross-regional and suitable indicators were used for comparison purposes, including: quality of education(35%), research output(35%), quality of faculty(25%), and school funding(5%). Out of these four major aspects, 2nd degree indicators were spun out of the first degree indicators such as the graduate students ratio, the international students ratio, etc., altogether there were 13 items, each occupying a weighted score of 5% to 10%.

The academic rankings of Chinese Universities was geared toward comparing 120 universities in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (85 universities in China, 25 universities in Taiwan, 8 universities in Hong Kong, and 2 universities in Macau). The universities in Taiwan were selected in accordance with the “universities with doctoral degrees” classification made by the Center for Teaching and Learning of Tamkang University, and which started to recruit students from China starting from 2011.

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