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Professor Chih-Jen Lin in Dept. of Computer Science
and Engineering was awarded Taiwan Ten Outstanding Young Persons

Professor Chih-Jen Lin was just awarded the 49th Taiwan Ten Outstanding Young Persons this September. The president received the professor with the award for his great achievement. Professor Lin and his research team have been dedicated to the field of machine learning over the years; their achievements with great performances have already been acknowledged worldwide.

Since 1963, ASTCC (Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce) has been holding the award of Taiwan Ten Outstanding Young Persons, and there have been 472 role models awarded with this great acknowledgement. Many among them have done great achievements in different industries in Taiwan. Professor Chih-Jen Lin is definitely the outstanding role model in his field with this award.

According to the database on Google Scholar till this May, Professor Lin’s research study has been mentioned as the reference resource over 18,000 times around the world. As well, his LIBSVM software has been downloaded over 250,000 times along with his 7,000 pieces of research paper quoted. Lin’s influence on the related field and the international industries has been a great significance. Moreover, his academic achievements have done a great contribution to the research field of computer science in Taiwan, making Taiwan well known worldwide.

Professor Lin began to work on the research field of machine learning ever since he came back to Taiwan. During the years instructing related courses at NTU, he completed his research working on machine learning along with students, including scholars overseas, followed his study. Hence, Professor Lin has had significant achievements and contributions to computer science and the related industries, which made Taiwan famous in this field.

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