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Come on! Let’s have fun on the verdant lawn !
The 2011 NTU Arts Festival Passionately Kicked off on April 29th!

The 2011 NTU Arts Festival officially kicked off at 6:30 p.m. on the verdant Cheng-hsing Lawn in front of the main library on April 29th. Noted artists including Eve Ai, the 1976 band, the One, Two, Free rap duo, Mr. Yen-J, and the Silverbus band gathered at the occasion to perform, along with the amply experienced Mr. Wen-Chiang Liao and the student movie production team Project 10. The NTU Center for the Arts invited a professional lighting production team and several artists in residence to produce the inauguration ceremony in the hope of bringing all students a superb performance.

Integrating professional, amateur, societal, and school resources, the NTU Arts Festival sets off from the vantage point of public welfare and arts promotion. It is a celebration as well as a platform, helping individual artists and art groups, transforming limited resources into finished works and realized dreams through the passionate involvements of the participants. So far the Arts Festival has collaborated with the NTU Center for the Arts, the Graduation Season, the Graduation Prom, the Graduate Students Association, the Creative Team for the Entrepreneurship Curricula, the Arts Festival for the School of Medicine, and the individual Departments and Colleges to conduct joint event promotion and implementation, so that the hard-raised resources within campus can be put to more effective use.

For the first time this year’s NTU Arts Festival introduced the concept of “public participation”, using the existent but cordoned off lawn as the symbol of the arts. The line of the blockade epitomized the threshold that a person who wishes to understand and participate in arts must cross. The activities evolved around three major ingredients of the past, namely, images, music, and drama, except that, for the first time, this year’s Art Festival introduced outdoor dancing and the large sized exhibition items jointly produced by our artists in residence are scattered all around campus.

The NTU Arts Festival embarks upon its seventeenth year. From a simple joint expo of student clubs to the current operation of individual preparatory teams, the Arts Festival has witnessed continued progress every year, and has inspired many new thoughts. From the fifteenth year onward, the passing on of heritage among the key members has been more complete, and the record of the integration of resources has been proven to enrich the many possibilities of the Arts Festival. For this year’s Festival, more than several hundred faculty and students spent ten months to create the largest feast of arts in Gongguan in May.

1 One Core Concept (Come on, let’s have fun on the verdant lawn) Aiming for the big crowd rather than the small populace, a true art is for the public, it is participatory, and amiable

3 Three major performing sites (Enriching campus space in May) The Cheng-hsing Lawn (50 performances), the Lu-ming Creative Outdoor Marketplace (26 performances), the Environmental Theatre of the College of Liberal Arts (4 performances)

4 Four surrounding roads (A major artistic event across Wen-zhou Road, Roosevelt Road, and Ting-Zhou Road) Across the thoroughfare of Wen-zhou Road, Ssu-Yuan Road, Roosevelt Road, and Ting-zhou Road, the schools as well as the communities all launched joint arts events

10 Ten large-sized exhibition items (The Lawn Grand Prix) Over ten groups of artists went through a three-phased screening process, and created a miniature model of our campus, multi-media audio-visual equipments, and campus interactive devices, which were rated by the Taipei University of the Arts, the International Village of the Arts, and the Museum of Contemporary Arts, and finally voted upon by the general public. The winners were installed around campus for exhibition

80 Eighty performances (know NTU from the arts, and know the arts from NTU) The performers of these events include: celebrity artists, professional theatre and dance groups, professional troupes that emerged from campus, new generation of student performers, creators of music, dance, theatre and movies that crossed the boundaries of art, and all creations are tied in with the spirit of NTU landscape, so in essence these performances are the embodiment of the pluralistic culture of NTU

3000 Three thousand passionate partners (creating the Arts Festival through team work) The NTU Arts Festival took ten months to prepare, and demanded the efforts of more than ten faculty members and experts, 60 preparatory team members, 213 service class students, over 400 co-performers and over 3000 fans who continued to grow and to care for the event. It is a colossal example of team work.

40000 Over forty thousand spectators The Arts Festival included 80 performances and static exhibitions. In addition to the dynamic activities which had a seating capacity of 22,000, the static exhibitions are also held in campus on a regular basis during the Festival period. Overall, the total number of spectators is expected to exceed 40.000.

Numbering over eighty, these wonderful performances shall inspire an echo from the students who are interested in the arts. They are bound to have a deeper understanding of the artistic activities going on at NTU. On the day of April 29th, in addition to the pamphlets and manuals distributed by the Information Center nearby the stage, there was also a small raffle draw (limited to 429 persons) with various kinds of prizes worth over N.T. 40,000, to which all faculty, staff, students and alumni were welcome to take part in free of charge.

Students who aspire to win must arrive early to avoid missing the chances. At any rate, the activities of the Arts Festival help create a new kind of joy and passion for our university which make NTU a different place for all students, residents of the Gongguan District, and art aficionados to see. For more detailed information on line, please log onto:
Official Website: http://artfest.ntu.edu.tw/
Fan’s Page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NTUartfest2011

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