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Celebrating the 83rd Anniversary of National Taiwan University: Chi Pang-Yuan Received the Honorary Doctorate
Distinguished Graduate Alumni Awards: Yang Nan-Chun, Ding Bang-Xin, Hu Chen-Ming, Ho Jen-Shyong, Stephen Lee and Lu Chau-Chun

National Taiwan University held the 83rd Anniversary Ceremony at the NTU Sports Center on November 15th. NTU president, Dr. Lee Si-Chen, hopes and expects that National Taiwan University will be the pioneer to have a grand vision and scheme of a top university instead of the follower before. As well, the new honorary doctorate, Chi Pang-Yuan, wishes National Taiwan university happy anniversary with the goal of pursuing the eternal value. Former NTU presidents, graduates, and guests overseas were invited to this event for anniversary celebration. Also, National Taiwan University held teatime gathering as well as the dinner party in the International Council on the same day. The graduates’ reunion was held for the 1971 and 1976 graduates along with the anniversary ceremony.

Ms. Chi Pang-Yuan received the honorary doctorate this year. Ms. Chi has done a significant contribution to the language/literature education and English teaching in Taiwan with her innovative methods. She’s always been the influential figure in this field, promoting language/literature education to help and instruct the post-war generation in Taiwan to develop their personalities and self-identities. To be more specific, Chi also worked on the collection and edition of Taiwanese literature and therefore made Taiwanese literature well known overseas. Moreover, as a distinguished scholar as well as a patriotic pioneer, she launched the global research interest in the study of Taiwanese literature by attending and holding international conferences and seminars with her own publication. Her contribution and commitment to education absolutely made herself a role model, and thus National Taiwan University awarded her this honorary doctorate to show our gratitude and appreciation.

For the 83rd anniversary, National Taiwan University also awarded the distinguished graduates with Alumni Awards in the following categories: Mr. Yang Nan-Chun of Foreign Languages and Literature Department (Arts and Humanities), Mr. Ding Bang-Xin of Chinese Language and Literature Department (Academic Category), Mr. Hu Chen-Ming of Electrical Engineering Department (Academic Category), Mr. Ho Jen-Shyong of Economics Department (Financial and Commercial Category), Mr. Stephen Lee of Electrical Engineering Department (Financial and Commercial Category), Mr. Lu Chau-Chun of Electrical Engineering Department (General Category). These six distinguished graduates received the awards in the anniversary ceremony, and National Taiwan University has invited them to be the guest speakers for the seminars in NTU general course, My Education and Experiences, to share their precious experiences in different professional fields with NTU students.

To be noted, National Taiwan University held a special exhibition in the NTU Historical Gallery to display the precious documents and historical relics, such as the NTU diploma before the Republic of China, NTU passports, the student IDs during the earlier NTU years under the reign of Japanese government. All are welcomed to NTU Historical Gallery to discover the history of National Taiwan University to refresh your memory. Meanwhile, NTU Center for the Arts invites Wu Chao-Nan’s Xiangsheng Theatre to produce a brand new xiangsheng drama exclusive for the 83rd anniversary of National Taiwan University. Also, all the departments, colleges, students’ clubs, and the faculty have prepared lots of activities to celebrate the anniversary, including academic seminars, art workshops, fine art exhibitions, study-aboard fairs, sports day, NTU campus tour.

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