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Archives 2010

view picture img 2010/12/27 Expanding the Frontier of Cross-strait Academic Exchanges—NTU Faculty and Students Went to Peking University to Launch “NTU DAY ”
view picture img 2010/12/09 Institute of Electronics Engineering Professor Jri Lee’s Paper
On Millimeter Wave Vehicle Anti-Collision Radar Accepted by ISSCC—Electronics for Healthy Living
view picture img 2010/11/29 The NTU Team Won the Championship in the 2010 Cross-Strait Collegiate Entrepreneurship Contest by Creating an Auction Platform Using Interactive Photos Which Makes On-line Shopping All the More Interesting
view picture img 2010/11/19 NTU Held Celebrations for its 82nd Anniversary/The New Cancer Research Hospital Donated by Terry Guo Had a Ground Breaking Ceremony
view picture img 2010/11/09 Creating New Initiatives for Energy, Environmental, and Medical Devices—Department of Physics Professor Din-Ping Tsai’s Paper on Ring Coil Meta-materials Appeared on “Science”
view picture img 2010/11/02 Three NTU Professors Won Prestigious Awards from the Zhong-shan Academic and Cultural Foundation
view picture img 2010/10/14 New Vistas of the Roof of the World—Students of NTU Leadership Development Program Stood atop the Himalayans, Nepal, to Gain New Experience
view picture img 2010/10/04 Five NTU Professors Ascend to Glory by Winning Awards from Ministry of Education
view picture img 2010/09/20 The Vehicle Warning System Invented by College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor Li-Chen Fu Gloriously Won the University Level Industry Economic Contribution Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs
view picture img 2010/09/03 NTU Medical Team Achieved Major Breakthrough in Treatment of Liver Cancer—Hybrid Gene Therapy Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science
view picture img 2010/08/16 NTU Ranked 127th in Shanghai Jiao-tong University's ARWU rankings, a Major Advancement of 23 spots
view picture img 2010/07/30 Access IC Lab Receives Best Paper Award at 2010 VLSI-DAT
view picture img 2010/07/15 Congratulations!! NTU has 11 community members elected 2010 academicians of Academia Sinica
view picture img 2010/06/18 Professor Ding-Shinn Chen and colleges' achievements are recognized by the Tokyo Nikkei Asia Prize, 2010
view picture img 2010/06/11 Professor Phone Lin of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering and Associate Professor Ying-Jer Kao Won the 2010 Junior Researcher Award from Academia Sinica
view picture img 2010/06/04 School of Veterinary Medicine Professor P. H. Chang's Lab on Viral Diseases in Abalone Designated by OIE as a Reference Lab
view picture img 2010/05/31 Department of Electrical Engineering Professor Ren C. Luo won the National Innovation Award With Navigation System for the Visually Impaired
view picture img 2010/05/21 College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Unveiled the Research Achievements of "NTU Virtual Teacher"
view picture img 2010/05/19 National Taiwan University Athletes Pulled off An Amazing Performance at the 2010 National Collegiate Sports Meet
view picture img 2010/05/12 Launching New Initiatives in Neuroscience Research—Nine Academicians from Home and Abroad Joined NTU Interdisciplinary Team to Participate in International Seminar on Brain and Mind
view picture img 2010/05/06 NTU Rugby Team Gloriously Won the Championship in National Collegiate Rugby Match
view picture img 2010/05/04 Topping the Nation Again - NTU Has Thirty one Professors Winning National Science Council's Outstanding Research Award
view picture img 2010/04/27 NTU's College of Management Proudly Acquires AACSB Accreditation
view picture img 2010/04/20 Say Goodbye to Pain and Disease NTU Interdisciplinary Research Group Developed Biomedical Chip
view picture img 2010/03/30 NTU Student Team Was Honored with the Second Place Runner Up in the ACM ICPC
view picture img 2010/03/23 Taiwan's Rivers Have a High Sinuosity of Meandering, with the Upper Stream of Lao-Nung RiverTopping the List—NTU Department of Geoscience's Research on Sinuosity of Rivers Meandering in North Pacific Published in "Science"
view picture img 2010/03/15 NTU's New Landmark—Construction Project for the College of Social Sciences Set in Motion, Totaling 1.61 Billion N.T.
view picture img 2010/03/08 2010 NTU Azalea Festival to Debut in March
view picture img 2010/03/01 New Milestone in Molecular Agriculture:Publication of the whole genome sequence of the pea aphid – an international achievement where NTU developmental geneticists were involved
view picture img 2010/02/22 NTU Won Third Place in 2010 ACM ICPC Contest
view picture img 2010/02/10 Trend Micro Cooperates with NTU to Offer "Trend Courses in Cloud Computing" in an Effort to Cultivate Talents in Cloud Computing
view picture img 2010/02/05 Meet the Laureate—Japanese Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Professor Kobayashi Made Talks at NTU
view picture img 2010/01/29 NTU Animal Health Team Achieved New Breakthroughs in Research, Development and Diagnosis of Canine Cancer Vaccine
view picture img 2010/01/22 The "lost city" in North Atlantic containing carbonate chimneys
view picture img 2010/01/15 Inauguration and Opening Ceremony Held for NTU Animal Cancer Research Center and Animal Cancer Treatment Center—The First of Its Kind in Asia
view picture img 2010/01/11 Fostering the New Generation of Leaders—The NTU Leadership Program Emphasizes Service to, and Care for Society
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