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NTU Held Celebrations for its 82nd Anniversary/The New Cancer Research Hospital Donated by Terry Guo Had a Ground Breaking Ceremony

At 9 a.m. on November 15th, the National Taiwan University held a celebration ceremony for its 82nd anniversary at the Sports Center. During the ceremony, the school conferred an honorary doctorate degree upon Professor Fu Hu, who is also an academician of Academia Sinica. Professor Hu is well known for his contributions to the study of law and constitution in Taiwan.

In addition, the school also recognized the outstanding achievements of nine alumni, who are: in the Academics category, Professor Ralph T. Yang (Department of Chemical Engineering), Professor Teresa H. Meng (Department of Electrical Engineering); in the category of Commerce, Mr. Robert Tsao(Department of Electrical Engineering), Dr. Jane Hsiao (Department of Pharmacy), Dr. Chih-Yuan Lu (Department of Physics), Mr. Hong-tu Tsai (Department of Law), and in the Integrated category, Mr. Yu Cheng (Department of Civil Engineering), Dr. Frederic Chien (Department of Political Science), Dr. Yu-Mei Chao Yu (Department of Nursing). The anniversary celebration was officiated by President Si-Chen Lee. Past presidents, alumni, and dignitaries from home and abroad were invited to attend this grand occasion. After the ceremony, a tea party was held in the International Conference Room to entertain all the guests.

Unlike similar events in the past, this year’s anniversary celebration had a brand new “root finding activity” for student associations, which was organized by various student associations in collaboration with our alumni. Through static displays, root-finding lectures and the publication of a special pamphlet named “Legacy”, the student associations expected to establish a mechanism for liaison with alumni, while at the same time gathering historical data of the associations in an effort to preserve the cultural assets of the campus.

The University also carefully planned a “Taida, the Palm Tree Boulevard, and Ode to Joy” outdoor concert, which invited Shao-Chia Lu, the musical director, Jian Wang, the cello musician, and National Symphony Orchestra to perform An die Freude on the palm tree boulevard. Under the starry, starry sky, and immersed in the rich, fragrant sound of the cello, the attendants of the concert sang An die Freude together to celebrate the anniversary of the University

Every Department and Institute, every student association, and faculty and staff of the University also enthusiastically launched a variety of celebration activities, including academic forums, art lectures, art exhibitions, overseas education fairs, cultural exhibitions of European cities, anniversary garden party, alumni nostalgia trips, guided tours for community, and many other kinds of intellectual tours and guides. For details, please log onto website:http://www.ntu.edu.tw/activities/festival2010/index.html

The NTU Cancer Research Hospital has a new generation proton therapy center under its planning, and it will also have tele-care capabilities utilizing cloud technology. All these are geared/toward creating a more precise diagnostic and treatment environment for cancer patients. The Cancer Research Hospital will adopt an open platform, which allows it to cooperate with all the major hospitals and clinics in Taiwan, thus fighting cancer together to benefit more patients and their families.

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