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National Taiwan University Athletes Pulled off An Amazing Performance
at the 2010 National Collegiate Sports Meet

For the 2010 National Collegiate Sports Meet, National Taiwan University participated in track and field, swimming, table tennis, badminton, tennis, judo, taekwondo, archery, fencing, golf and gymnastics.

Altogether 31 staff members and 255 athletes participated in the Games, and NTU won a total of 18 gold medals, 24 silver medals, and 17 bronze medals, a very stunning performance. Mr. Chun-Jye Hsu,a member of the NTU track and field team, was nominated as the Most Valuable Player of the games. At the pool side, Miss Wan-Jung Cheng of the Department of Bio-Industry Communication and Development, who won the gold medal in 400 meters individual medley in the 2009 East Asian Games, broke the 100 meters butterfly national record and the conference women's swimming record with a score of 1 minute and 1 9/10 seconds. This marked the first time in recent years that an athlete from NTU broke the national records.

Miss Cheng also broke the national records in 50 meters women's open butterfly and 400 meters medley finals. Now she holds the highest scores in National Collegiate Sports Meet including: 200 meters backstrokes, 50 meters butterfly, 100 meters butterfly, 400 meters medley, 4 x 100 meters medley relay, etc. In addition, the various teams representing NTU pulled off an amazing performance, and the results are as follows:

Track and Field, General Women's Group, Champion
Swimming, Open Boys Group, 2nd Runner-Up
Swimming, Open Girls Titles Match, Champion
Table Tennis, General Boys Group, Champion
Badminton, General Boys Group, the 5th place
Badminton, General Girls Group, the 5th place
Tennis, General Boys Group, Champion
Judo, General Girls Group Title Match, 1st Runner-Up
Archery, General Boys Group, 2nd Runner-Up
Fencing, General Boys Group for Sharp Swords, the 4th place
Fencing, General Boys Group for Sabers, the 4th place
Fencing, General Girls Group for Blunt Sword, Runner-Up
Golf, General Boys Group, Champion
Gymnastics, General Boys Teams, the 4th Place

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