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Archives 2007

view picture img 2007/12/24 NTU's School of Medicine Professor Ding Shinn Chen Establishes Taiwan Liver Disease Prevention and Treatment Model by Winning the 2007 Presidential Science Award
view picture img 2007/12/17 Integrating Cutting-edge Findings to Make Medical Technology More Humanized - NTU's System on Chip Center Announced Its Research Results
view picture img 2007/12/10 NTU Tops the World in the 2008 International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) with Seven Theses Accepted for Presentation
view picture img 2007/12/05 NTU Now Has the Highest Number of IEEE Fellows in Taiwan: College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Has Three Professors Who Made the 2008 Honor List, Bringing the Total Number of IEEE Fellows to 21
view picture img 2007/11/22 NTU Holds Its 79TH Status Change Anniversary and 62nd University Anniversary Celebration Ceremony: Professor Wen-hsing Wang and Mr. Barry Lin Are Conferred Honorary Doctoral Degrees and Nine Outstanding Alumni Receive Open Commendation
view picture img 2007/11/01 Top Notch Research Combines Life and Entertainment—
NTU's New Multi-media Technologies Won International Recognition!!
view picture img 2007/10/29 New Initiatives Achieved in International Cooperation: High Ranking Officials of NTU Reap Happy Results from Their Visit to Famous British and French Universities Including Oxford and Cambridge
view picture img 2007/10/22 NTU's Chu-Bei Branch School Held Joint Donation Ceremony for University/Industry Cooperation: Many Enthusiastic Alumni from the Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Industries Made Generous Donations to Their Alma Mater
view picture img 2007/10/17 "Show Loving Care for Society to Strive for Excellence":Foxconn's Chairman Terry Gou Donates N.T. 200 million to NTU to Establish "Development Fund for Animal Welfare Promotion"----An Exemplar Case of Three-Way Cooperation among Government, Industry, and University to Realize the Vision for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
view picture img 2007/09/28 Passion and Devotion Set the NTU Apart-Many Members Receive Commendation on
Teacher's Day for Their Services to Society while Pursuing Academic Excellence
view picture img 2007/09/26 Congratulations!!NTU's home page ranks among the top 100 university websites in the world, setting a new record
view picture img 2007/09/04 Setting a New World Record: Foxconn Corporation's Yong-ling Charity Foundation Donates an Unprecedented Amount of N.T. 15 Billion to help NTU Establish a Cancer Hospital, a Proton Center, and Promote Cancer Treatment and Biomedical R & D
view picture img 2007/09/01 In Pursuit of Excellence, En Route to the Top-Congratulations!!Eight NTU Professors Win Academic Awards from the Ministry of Education;Professor J.D. Wang and Professor Lin-Shan Lee Are Elected Lifelong National Chair Professors
view picture img 2007/08/16 "In Search of Excellence, En Route to the Top" Results of Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Appraisal of Global Universities Released; NTU Gloriously Ascends to the First Place as the Best University in All Chinese Territories Including China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong
view picture img 2007/07/16 Web-based Learning Software "NTU Chinese" Successfully Developed;
Real-time Acoustic Diagnostic Technology Unrivaled in the World
view picture img 2007/07/12 The Cumulative Knowledge Building Held Ground Breaking Ceremony Over 100 Alumni donated New Chemical Research Building
view picture img 2007/07/04 The Ruentex Group Donates Civil Engineering Research Building to NTU, Enhancing the Quality of Teaching Space by a Giant Step
view picture img 2007/06/21 Congratulations to Professor Ji-Wang Chern on His Winning the 2nd "Yung Hsin Group Tien Te Lee Medicinal Technology Award"
view picture img 2007/06/04 NTU Holds Graduation Ceremony on June 2nd, Teachers Urge the Graduating Class to Cultivate Soft Power, and Face up to the Challenges of Globalization with a Positive Attitude
view picture img 2007/05/23 NTU Held Press Conference to Announce the Achievements of the "Project to Develop World Class University and Top Notch Research Centers". Many Outstanding Achievements Topped the World and Catapulted NTU to International Fame!!
view picture img 2007/05/15 "1st Taiwan International Students Soccer Festival" closed out its games amidst great jubilation. Foreign students from 25 nations displayed their dexterous footwork; international cultural exchange moved one giant step forward.
view picture img 2007/05/02 A Creative Revolution with Infinite Possibilities: NTU's 13thArts Festival Offers New Initiatives for a Renaissance in Art
view picture img 2007/04/18 NTU's 2006 Review of Student Associations Came to a Smooth Ending!The Village Service Society and the Kendo Club Won Awards of Excellence, and Will Represent NTU in the National Collegiate Student Association Evaluation
view picture img 2007/04/02 A Major Breakthrough in World Medicine!!
Taiwan University Hospital's Research Team Has Succeeded in Fostering the Ovum outside the Human Body. Research Findings Were Published in Top-notch Medical Journal "Human Reproduction"
view picture img 2007/03/16 Exploring the Mysterious World of "Vision"--NTU's Azalea Festival "Illusion Show"on Exhibit In the Main Library Starting March 17th
view picture img 2007/03/06 Let beautiful flowers blossom in your life, come to NTU to be an outstanding person
view picture img 2007/02/15 Congratulations on NTU's Nine Faculty Members Winning National Science Council's 2006 Outstanding Research Awards
view picture img 2007/02/01 Congratulations to Professor Lee Chih-Kung and Professor Wu Tsung-Tsong, Professors of Applied Mechanics, who were both named 2006 ASME FELLOWS
view picture img 2007/01/15 NYU's Official Website Ranks among the Top 100 Hot Websites in Taiwan,159th in Global College Websites, and 4th in Asia
view picture img 2007/01/02 Two NTU Professors Won International Honors: Dr. Cheng Ming-syan Was Elected 2006 ACM Fellow, Dr. Cheng Kwang-cheng Elected 2007 IEEE Fellow
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