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NTU Holds Its 79TH Status Change Anniversary and 62nd University Anniversary Celebration Ceremony: Professor Wen-hsing Wang and Mr. Barry Lin Are Conferred Honorary Doctoral Degrees and Nine Outstanding Alumni Receive Open Commendation

 At 9 a.m. on November 15th, NTU held its 79th status change anniversary and 62nd founding anniversary celebration convocation at the Sports Center in the main campus. During the ceremony, Professor Wen-hsin Wang and Mr. Barry Lin were both conferred honorary doctoral degrees, and nine outstanding alumni received open commendation. Many former presidents, dignitaries both from Taiwan and abroad, and members of the society were invited to attend. Also, a number of alumni returned to share the joy of the birthday of their alma mater. The occasion was filled with festivity and warmth.

 The highlight of the event was the conferment of honorary doctoral degrees upon Professor Wen-hsin Wang and Mr. Barry Lin. Professor Wang devoted himself to education for forty years and committed to the cause of literature for fifty years. In the early days he was a pioneer who introduced Western modern literature to Taiwan.

 Later on, he concentrated on creative writing, and opened a new realm for Chinese fiction. His short story works such as "Rebellion at Home" and "The Man with His Back to the Sea" used a detached and innovative method to delineate human nature and society. Professor Wang now enjoys a pinnacle position in the Chinese literary circle. Many of his writings had foreign language editions which attracted the attention of the world's literature leaders. In essence, Professor Wang personified excellence achieved through perseverance and devotion, both his character and his writings set an example to the young generation of writers.

Mr. Barry Lin
Mr. Barry Lin presented a speech after the conferment of honorary doctoral degree.

Professor Wen-hsin Wang
President Si-chen Lee conferred honorary doctoral degrees upon Professor Wen-hsin Wang.

 For many years Mr. Barry Lin was involved with the research and development of computers. His remarkable achievements in the computer field led to the fast growth of Taiwan's information industry. In 1988, he founded the Quanta Computer Inc. In 1999 he founded the "Quanta Cultural and Educational Foundation." In addition, based on his philosophy of "deep rooting Taiwan, and deep plowing technology," he established the Quanta Research Institute in 2000, collaborating with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to co-develop the next generation computer and communication platform, and urging NTU to converge with the top R&D institutions in the world. In 2005 Mr. Lin cooperated with OLPC (One Laptop per Child) to commence a program on the R&D of 100 U.S. dollar computers for the purpose of bridging the knowledge gap through technology and solving education problems of schoolchildren in third world countries. His efforts and achievements benefited countless people.

 Both Professor Wang and Mr. Lin's academic and professional achievements set examples to their peers, and were the best paradigms of NTU's school motto: "Mold thy character and sharpen thy knowledge, love thy country and thy people". In recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions, NTU confers honorary doctoral degrees upon these two people.

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