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Let beautiful flowers blossom in your life,
come to NTU to be an outstanding person

   The Azalea Flower Festival, organized by NTU since 1997, will be held on the main campus during the whole month of March. Activities include viewing the beautiful azaleas in full bloom on Palm Tree Boulevard, the departmental Expos, and the joint exhibits of the student associations, plus visiting many halls and exhibit rooms which are open to the public. In addition, there will be a series of guided campus tours, artistic events and student performances. NTU's Azalea Festival was officially opened on March 4th; all high school students across the nation, their parents, teachers, and the general public are welcome to come and visit.

  Professor Wanjiun Liao was the first female professor employed by the Department of Electrical Engineering since its founding. Professor Liao's major research interest has to do with the design and analyses of communication network protocol to support multimedia applications. Her research findings were enlisted as standards for international communications protocol. She had also won many distinguished honors in the past, including NTU's Excellence in Teaching Award (2000), Li Kuo-ting Youth Research Award (2003), NTU's Fu Ssu-nien Award(2005), The Outstanding Electrical Engineering Professor Award from the Chinese Association of Electrical Engineers (2006). She was one of the "Ten Outstanding Young Women of the Republic of China in 2000."

   "The cuckoo bird harbingers in the news of Spring, and the east wind wafts over a treeful of flowers" March, the month of romantic springtime, is the month when azaleas are in full bloom on the NTU main campus. NTU's Azalea Festival, with a history of over ten years, held its opening ceremony on March 4th this year. All high school students and their parents, and the general public who are interested in the various events of the festival, are welcome to come to NTU to participate in this rare feast of colorful flowers in bloom.

   President Li Si-chen, representative of outstanding alumni Chairman Jonny Shih(施崇棠) of Asustek, and representative from the NTU alumni Association Mr. Chang Han-tong(張漢東) jointly officiated at the opening ceremony by the school front gate. President Li stressed that the Azalea Festival would go on for the entire month of March as part of Taipei City's Culture and Art festival. He encouraged aspiring high school students to visit and participate in the activities to promote their understanding of the various departments and the academic atmosphere of NTU in general. On the day of the opening, campus recruitment activities were also held on a large scale, and a sapling planting ceremony was held on the campus of the College of Medicine. Many students and alumni were attracted to attend the opening ceremony, making the ceremony bustle with noise and excitement.

  The 2007 NTU Azalea Festival will include a series of activities in the month of March, including Departmental Expo, a joint exhibit organized by student associations, open houses of halls and exhibit rooms for the general public, plus guided campus tours, art events and student performances. People from all walks of society are welcome to partake in this wonderful event!!

※ Recommended activities for the Azalea Festival

*Departmental Expo, Joint Exhibit of   Student Associations, and Performances by Student Associations
(Hosting agencies: Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs, Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, various Departments, the Student Union, and various student associations and clubs)

  The Department Expo and the Joint Exhibits of the Student Associations are considered to be crowning events of the Azalea Festival. This year these two events will be held from March 17th—18th. The Azalea Festival, inaugurated in 1997, will be embarking on its 11th year in 2007. Each year the Festival attracts tens of thousands of high school students and their parents to come and visit, many of whom are from the Central and Southern part of Taiwan. This year, the Departmental Expo will be held on the third floor of the NTU Dome. All 54 participating departments will give detailed demonstrations and explanations of their curriculum, faculty, and placement opportunities, offering direct information to the visitors. The Joint Exhibit of the Student Associations, on the other hand, will be held on the perimeters of the Dome and its neighboring thoroughfare. Over 100 student associations and clubs will stage a series of performances and activities to display the vibrant and diverse extracurricular activities available at NTU. All visiting guests are welcome to attend.

the 2007 NTU Azalea Festival img
NTU holds series of activities for the Azalea Festival in the month of March, welcomes people from all walks of society to come and share the fun.

President Li img
President Li delivered speech at the opening ceremony of the Azalea Festival. He welcomed the attending guests and invited people from all walks of society to come and visit.

passionate dance img
At the opening ceremony student associations performed passionate dance numbers which ushered in the festival brimming with youth and vivacity.

Chairman Jonny Shih img
Chairman Jonny Shih, an outstanding alumni from the Department of Electrical Engineering, was a guest speaker at the opening ceremony of the Festival.

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