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The Ruentex Group Donates Civil Engineering Research Building to NTU, Enhancing the Quality of Teaching Space by a Giant Step

  On June 23rd, President Si-Chen Li co-signed a Letter of Intent for the donation of a Civil Engineering Research Building with the CEO of Ruentex Group, Dr. Yen-Liang Yin, who also teaches part-time at the Civil Engineering Depaprtment. After its completion, the new research building shall provide ample space for about 50 professors and 600 graduate students, and is expected to effectively ease the current problem of shortage of space within the Department.

President Si-chen Li and Dr. Yen-Liang Yin signs the Letter
President Si-chen Li signs the Letter of Intent for the Donation with the CEO of Ruentex Group, Dr. Yen-Liang Yin

  The new building will be situated on Section III of Hsin-hai Road, adjacent to the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering. It will be a building with a basement, and six to eight stories above ground, prefabricated and equipped with advanced anti-quake system. The Ruentex Group will be responsible for the planning, design and construction of the new bulding. This architecture will adopt state-of-the-art construction technology, and is expected to be completed within a year's time. The Campus Planning Committee has voted to pass the perimeters of the base, and is in the process of defining the other details. In the near future the Committee will submit multiple choices of the outer appearance of the building for the Administration to decide on.

  The donor of this project, Dr. Yen-Liang Yin was born in 1950, and is an outstanding alumnus of NTU (holding a Master's Degree from the Graduate Institute of Business). He now teaches part-time at the Civil Engineering Department. His past honors include Taiwan's Outstanding Youth Textile Engineer Award, Individual Creation Award (under the National Innovation Prize) etc. Dr. Yin is also very adept at R&D and technological innovations, having accumulated more than 200 patents to date. The Ruentex Group has always upheld the principle of "managing business is responsibility; devotion to the study of engineering is interest; concern for society is expression of gratitude; and investment on education is a national mission". By donating the new research building, Dr. Yin not only repays the faculty and students of his alma mater, but also puts his corporate principle into concrete action!!

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