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NTU Now Has the Highest Number of IEEE Fellows in Taiwan: College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Has Three Professors Who Made the 2008 Honor List, Bringing the Total Number of IEEE Fellows to 21

 The U.S. Head Office of IEEE finished its selection process of the 2008 fellows on November 18th. NTU's College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has three professors who made the honor list. They are: Professor Ja-ling Wu, Professor Chorng-kuang Wang, and Professor Pai-chi Li. The College already has 18 IEEE fellows, with this year's new addition, the total number of IEEE fellows within the College now reaches 21, making NTU the university in Taiwan with the largest number of IEEE fellows. This feat in itself fully demonstrates the excellent research capability of NTU in the area of electrical engineering and computer science!!

  Professor Ja-ling Wu now teaches at NTU's Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia and Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. Owing to his outstanding research achievements in "image and video analysis, coding, digital watermarking and rights management," he passed the screening procedure to become an IEEE fellow. His area of specialization lies in multimedia data compression, digital content analysis, and intellectual property protection technology.

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 Professor Chorng- Kuang Wang teaches at NTU's Department of Electrical Engineering and the Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering. His contributions to "Communications circuit design and for leadership in promoting the profession" won him IEEE's recognition. His main research areas include the RF analog VLSI circuits and hybrid systems VLSI circuit design. His research topics and achievements include, and are not limited to, biomedical chip design and production, wireless communications RF front-end design and system production.

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 Professor Pai-Chi Li now serves as the Head of the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics. His outstanding research performance in the area of "ultrasonic imaging technologies" obtained IEEE's affirmation and recognition. His research area focuses on the application of ultrasonic images in biomedicine. His research goal is to enhance the clinical value of ultrasonic imaging; he uses signal processing algorithm as a tool, and the core of his research project is to better understand the physical mechanisms of ultrasonic imaging. At present his research scope includes nonlinear ultrasonic imaging (ultrasound high frequency imaging technology applicable to genetic research and drug development ), flexible imaging (a new image based approach that has deep impact on clinical diagnosis of tissue lesions, vascular sclerosis and rehabilitation medicine) , and digital imaging technology.

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  IEEE selects its fellows once every year. The number of winners cannot exceed 0.1% of its total membership. As the screening process is extremely rigorous, competition among the top universities in the world is also extremely fierce. Therefore, the winners who made the list of annual fellows are all the leaders in various academic fields. The fact that NTU's College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has professors obtaining fellowship from IEEE for nine years in succession fully demonstrates NTU's remarkable research capability in the fields of electrical engineering and computer science!!

Professor Ja-ling Wu
Professor Ja-ling Wu

Professor Chorng- Kuang Wang
Professor Chorng- Kuang Wang

Professor Pai-Chi Lee
Professor Pai-Chi Lee

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