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Congratulations!! NTU's home page wins new honor, as it is
ranked among the top 100 university websites in the world!

After being ranked among the top 100 websites in Taiwan in 2006, and winning the honor of being ranked as the 159th most popular university website in the world, NTU's home page scales new heights again!!

According to the webometrics review of global university websites conducted by the Centre for Scientific Information and Documentation of the Spanish National Research Council, as of July 2007, NTU's home page won the 96th place in terms of comprehensive appraisal. Among Asian countries, NTU's ranking is second only to that of the University of Tokyo,and is by far the best ever.

NTU's home page wins the second place in all Asian universities
NTU's home page wins the second place in all Asian universities, second only to that of the Tokyo University of Japan.

The home page of NTU underwent a complete overhaul in 2006. With the joint efforts of colleagues from relevant administrative units, comprehensive adjustments and improvements were carried out with regard to the overall outlook of the home page, the richness of its contents, the convenience of the website, etc. Of the items under review, NTU's website won the distinguished honor of being ranked as 30th in the category of "rich files". And in the categories of the scale of the website, its academic quality, and its visibility NTU also performed outstandingly. That NTU's website is able to win international recognition is largely attributable to the efforts put forth by all the colleagues involved with its operation.

Webometrics is researched and published by the Internet Laboratory of the Spanish Center for Scientific Information and Documentation. Its review of university websites places special emphasis on the websites information processing capability. The fact that NTU has won repeated honors in Webometric's review is ample proof that our university's superior performance in information processing has obtained important attention from international authoritative research institutes.

In the future, NTU expects to study the top university websites in the world, and continues to implement further improvements in its home page design, providing more friendly online environments to our users with a view toward gaining better accomplishments in the global competitions.

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