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"In Search of Excellence, En Route to the Top"
Results of Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Appraisal of Global Universities Released; NTU Gloriously Ascends to the First Place as the Best University in All Chinese Territories Including China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

  Shanghai's Jiao Tong University recently released the results of its appraisal of 500 global universities. National Taiwan University retook first place as the best Chinese university, and its global ranking moved upward from the 181st to the 172nd. In the first three years that Jiao tong University conducted its appraisal of global universities , beginning in 2003, NTU took first place,only falling slightly behind Beijing Tsinghua University last year.

  This year, NTU reclaimed the honor as the best Chinese university of all, and its global ranking also moved upward, showing that NTUhas never ceased making great strides.

  This university ranking adopts internationally recognized academic achievements and academic performances as its main criteria, and the Indicators are divided into four major categories: quality of education, quality of the teaching staff, research achievements and the average teacher performances. The contents of the indicators include: number of university's alumni and faculty winning Nobel Prize and the Fields Prize; number of scholars whose theses are being frequently cited; number of papers published in Science and Nature journals, number of papers published in SCI and SSCI; and finally, the average performance of teachers.

  Of the several global universities ranking systems being applied in the world today, Shanghai Jiao Tong University uses the past performances of each university as the indicators of evaluation, whereas the Thames Newspaper of England uses the future developments of each university as the indicators of evaluation. National Taiwan University has already acquired respectable status in the areas of liver cancer research, genomic medicine, chemistry, integrated circuit design, etc., and will continue to pursue academic excellence in other areas. Now that NTU has been targeted as one of the major recipients of the Taiwan government's "five year 50 billion NTdollar university development grant" , it can surely be expected that NTU will rank among the top 100 universities in the world soon!!

  Using Jiao Tong University's data for statistical tally, 10 universities from Taiwan have made the rankings of the global 500. They are, in order of their rankings: National Taiwan University (ranked 172nd); National Tsing-hua University (ranked 317th), National Chiao-tung University (ranked 327th), National Chengkung University (ranked 367th), National Yang-ming University (ranked 471st), National Sun Yat-sen University (ranked 474th), and National Central Univeristy (ranked 501st). These are the universities from Taiwan whose performances top the others in Jiao Tong University's recent appraisal .

  Website for the 2007 Jiao Tong University's Appraisal of Global 500 universities:

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