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Setting a New World Record: Foxconn Corporation's Yong-ling Charity Foundation Donates an Unprecedented Amount of N.T. 15 Billion to help NTU Establish a Cancer Hospital, a Proton Center, and Promote Cancer Treatment and Biomedical R & D

   Founded by Chairman Terry Gou of the Foxconn Hon Hai Precision Group, The Yong Lin Charity Foundation signed a "Memorandum of Donation and Cooperation" with National Taiwan University on September 4th, pledging to donate N.T. 10 billion for the building of a 500-bed caner hospital and a state-of-the art proton center for the treatment of cancer. In addition, the Foundation pledged to donate another N.T. 5 billion to NTU to promote cancer treatment and biomedical engineering research. Total donation by the Foxconn Hon Hai Precision Group amounts to N.T. 15 billion, setting a new world record of enterprise donation to university medical colleges.

  The Yong Lin Charity Foundation was founded by Chairman Terry Gou of the Foxconn Hon Hai Precision Group to reflect and reciprocate his parents' love and care for him. Its founding philosophy was based on the idea of "to care for life, and to make contributions to society." Since cancer has become the No. 1 cause of death for Taiwanese nationals, Chairman Terry Gou believes that Taiwan should actively develop a world class professional cancer hospital, and benefit cancer patients with the most advanced therapeutical equipment and service.

  In view of the high cost and the excessive amount of investment involved in cancer treatment, Chairman Terry Gou decides to donate large amounts to NTU in order to realize the founding philosophy of the Yong Lin Charity Foundation. As the National Taiwan University Hospital is universally recognized as the leader in medical treatment in Taiwan, and enjoys international prestige in the areas of research and teaching, it therefore becomes the natural target for donation for Chairman Gou. In choosing National Taiwan University as the target of donation, Chairman Terry Gou expects NTU to be able to integrate the resources of relative departments within the university to create a new era of cancer treatment.

  The Yong Lin Charity Foundation will cooperate with NTU to implement abundant researches in the area of medical engineering, including equipment and materials technology research, the purchase of sophisticated treatment equipment, setting up a stem cell transplant center, and cooperation and operation of a preventive medicine center. All these measures are for the purposes of achieving early diagnosis of cancer and individualized treatment thereof. Any surplus will be used to subsidize research and talent cultivation, charity and public welfare activities, and incentive programs for medical care and research. Thus, Yong Lin Foundation's cooperation project with NTU is of the nature of "a non-profitable, public service medical cooperation. "

President Si-chen Li delivers a speech in the signing ceremony.
President Si-chen Li delivers a speech in the signing ceremony, and thanks Chairman Terry Gou for his generous donation.

 Dr. Fang-yu Lin explains the details of the cooperation project.
Superintendent of National Taiwan University Hospital, Dr. Fang-yu Lin explains the details of the cooperation project.

Chairman Terry Gou accepts interviews from the media.
Chairman Terry Gou accepts interviews from the media, explaining the rationale and vision of this unprecedented donation.

  NTU expects to choose its Gongguan District Hospital as the site for the cooperation project, developing it into a biomedical technology park. Besides the cancer hospital, the proton center, and medical engineering research, NTU also hopes to integrate the research capabilities of its various colleges and departments, such as the College of Bioresources and Agriculture, the College of Engineering, the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and the College of Life Science.

  Chairman Terry Gou emphasizes that the size of the donation really does not matter that much. He hopes that by "assembling" the most advanced medical equipment and technology, NTU can "integrate" cross boundary research achievements, and "mold" a fighting team to actively face the challenges of cancer. . In the future, this cooperation project will learn from the first class cancer centers in the world, and high energy physics equipment manufacturing and R & D organizations, in the hope of developing a "patient-oriented, humane, and efficient" approach to cancer treatment, thus really helping the many hapless cancer patients and their families.

  President Lee also mentions that, since this cooperation project still requires the government to amend its relevant rules and regulations, and the amount of donation lags behind that of the U.S. M.D. Anderson Cancer center, he hopes that Yong Ling Foundations' act of donation will serve as a shining example, inviting many others to follow, so that kind hearted people will all realize the importance of cancer research and lend their assistance and make practical donations to NTU. President Lee maintains that at present NTU is moving towards becoming a world class university, and people from all walks of life can lend a helping hand to continue the efforts of creating a world class university for Taiwan.

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