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Archives 2008

view picture img 2008/12/25 Building a World Class Cancer Hospital - NTU and Yong-ling Health Foundation Signed a Donation and Cooperation Contract
view picture img 2008/12/16 Unveiling the Mystery of Giant Earthquake Cycles-Internationally Renowned Journal "Science" Published the Top Notch Results of NTU Seismic Research Team
view picture img 2008/12/11 NTU R&D Office Deputy Director Professor Liang-Gee Chen Won National Science Council's 2008 "Award for Outstanding Contribution to Technological Transfer"
view picture img 2008/11/27 Distinguished University Representatives from 13 Countries Take Part in NTU's 80th Anniversary Ceremony
view picture img 2008/11/06 NTU Achieves a Major Breakthrough in Ultra High Speed Wireless Communication Technology - Making Wireless High Definition Television a Reality
view picture img 2008/10/27 NTU Enlists Goran Malmqvist, a world renown sinologist, a fellow of the Swedish Academy, and a senior judge for the Nobel Prize—as a visiting chair to Teach Courses on Chinese Classical Literature
view picture img 2008/10/06 In Celebration of 2008 Teacher's Day, President Lee Confers Numerous Awards on Outstanding Faculty
view picture img 2008/09/12 In Pursuit of Excellence, En Route to the Top
Eleven NTU Professors Won Ministry of Education's National Professorship Award and Academic Award, Bringing the University a Distinguished Honor!
view picture img 2008/09/02 Taiwan Achieved Pinnacle Results in International High Energy Physics
view picture img 2008/08/18 "In Pursuit of Excellence, En Route to the Top"
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Announced 2008 Rankings of World Universities, NTU Ranked No. 164th in the World, and No.1 on Both Sides of Taiwan Strait
view picture img 2008/08/06 NTU's Web Presence Ranked 70th Worldwide, 2nd in Asia
view picture img 2008/07/18 NTU School of Law's English Journal Now Officially Included in the SSCI List!
view picture img 2008/07/10 Prof. Homer H. Chen Wins 2008 IEEE Circuits and Systems Society's CSYT Best Paper Award
view picture img 2008/07/01 NTU's R&D Office Passed the ISO9001 International Quality Management System Standards, and Acquired Accreditation from the French AFNOR Group!!
view picture img 2008/06/24 NTU Achieves Major Breakthrough in Molecular Biomedicine: Professor Zee-Fen Chang Unfolds the Moving and Dying Mechanism of Chronic Myeloid Leukocytes
view picture img 2008/06/18 Congratulations to Professor Yue-Gau Chen of NTU's Department of Geosciences on His Becoming a Fellow of the Geological Society of America!!
view picture img 2008/06/09 Dr. Kai-feng Chen from NTU's College of Sciences wins the Prestigious IUPAP Young Scientist Award in Particle Physics
view picture img 2008/06/02 NTU's Professor Emeritus Dr. Chu-Yung Lin Is the First Taiwan Scholar to Become Life Corresponding Member of American Society of Plant Biologists
view picture img 2008/05/28 NTU's New Energy Center Won the Coveted "Global Development Partnership" International Academic Award!!
view picture img 2008/05/20 NTU Foreign Students' Association Soccer Team (NTUFSA) Won the Second Runner-up Award in the "2nd Taiwan International Students Soccer Festival"
view picture img 2008/05/13 Professor Tzu-Ming Pan's Research Team Confirmed that Monascus Could Fight Against the Alzheimer's Disease—Research Findings Published in the Prestigious "Journal of Neuroscience Research"
view picture img 2008/05/07 NTU Law School Debate Team Won Second Place in WTO Global Moot Court Competition
view picture img 2008/04/28 Assistant Professor Chih-hao Hsieh's Research Published in "Nature" Magazine!
view picture img 2008/04/18 NTU Research Team First Discovered that Blocking Key Energy Protein Could Kill Cancer Cells—Reported by Science Daily as a Weekly Hot News Topic for American Chemical Society
view picture img 2008/04/11 NTU's High Energy Physics Group Solves the Mystery of the Disappearance of Antimatter in the Universe: Collaborating with the KEK of Japan, NTU's Research Paper Was Published in the Prestigious "Nature" Journal
view picture img 2008/03/31 Ten Professors from NTU Won the National Science Council's Outstanding Research Award—Achieving An Unparalleled Feat in Taiwan's Academic Institutions!!
view picture img 2008/03/17 2008 NTU Azalea Festival in Full Swing throughout the Month of March, All Interested Parties Are Welcome to Attend!!
view picture img 2008/03/10 NTU Research Results Unrivalled in the World: The Florescent Pigs Research Team Gloriously Reported by the National Geographic Channel International!!
view picture img 2008/02/25 The NTU Trio Awarded NAE membership—Dr. Burn-jeng Lin, Dr. Mao-chung Chang, and Dr. Lee-lueng Fu Are to be Congratulated for Their Accomplishments in Engineering!
view picture img 2008/02/13 NTU Achieved Good Results by Winning the 73rd Place in the World in Webometrices' World Universities Rankings!
view picture img 2008/01/25 Dean Grace Chu-Fang Lo and Professor Kuo-Yen Wei Won the Inaugural Ministry of Education's Annual Excellence Award for General Education Teachers
view picture img 2008/01/18 Professor Yi-ping Yang's Research Team Won the National Innovation Award from the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry
view picture img 2008/01/09 The First Young Researcher in Taiwan honored with the Award Best Young Researcher, the 3rd IEEE Asia-Pacific Young Researcher Award, 2007
view picture img 2008/01/03 Professor Din Ping Tsai of the Physics Department Distinguishes Himself by Becoming a Fellow of the American Physical Society!!
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