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Distinguished University Representatives from 13 Countries Take Part in NTU's 80th Anniversary Ceremony

NTU has been celebrating the 80th Anniversary of its establishment this year, and the university has arranged an exciting range of events and promotions across the eight categories of academics, sports, international exchanges, alumni activities, arts, student activities, festivities, and publications and souvenirs. The celebration formally kicked off with the annual Azalea Festival in March and is continuing through to the end of 2008.

NTU President Si-chen Lee presided over the official Anniversary Ceremony at the NTU Sports Center on November 15 where he was joined by former NTU presidents and alumni and distinguished guests from Taiwan and abroad. A tea party reception was held following the ceremony.

NTU extended invitations to the Anniversary Ceremony to the presidents and vice presidents of its sister universities and was pleased to enjoy the participation of 80 representatives of 37 universities in 13 countries on this momentous occasion. Specially invited to deliver a speech, Kyoto University President Hiroshi Matsumoto declared that it is his genuine desire to see the two universities collaborate on research and development and strive together for the good of humanity and the 21st century global village. University of Bonn President Matthias Winiger was another distinguished guest invited to speak. As a representative of his university as well as NTU's numerous sister universities in Europe, President Matthias extended his best wishes to NTU for swift success in joining the ranks of the world's 100 leading universities and becoming an elite university in Asia.

In addition to being formally received by university officials and taking part in NTU's festive anniversary activities, these honored visitors from overseas also called on the university's colleges and departments to engage in inter-university exchanges. Furthermore, on November 16, the Office of International Affairs held the International Exchange Students Education Fair in the NTU Sports Center in order to help local students gain a deeper understanding of NTU's overseas sister universities and encourage them to participate in exchange programs with these institutions.

During the Anniversary Ceremony, President Lee enjoyed the pleasure of bestowing honorary doctorates upon Li Yih-yuan and Han Bao-te and presenting commendations to nine outstanding NTU alumni.

Among the arts and culture activities organized around the ceremony were a celebratory walking tour of Royal Palm Boulevard on the day of the ceremony and an anniversary party on the following night.

Sporting events included NTU's 59th Annual Swim Meet and an annual friendship sports competition between students from NTU and National Chengchi University. NTU managed to win the campus marathon and its women's basketball and men's volleyball teams were defeated by just a few points. This year's campus marathon drew 4,506 competitors and was the largest sporting event of NTU's fall semester.

More information about NTU's 80th Anniversary activities is available at http://www.ntu.edu.tw/actives/80th/.

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