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NTU Achieved Good Results by Winning the 73rd Place in the World in Webometrices' World Universities Rankings!

The results of the survey of world universities rankings on the web conducted by Webometrics were released in January. In the current rankings, NTU emerged triumphant again by winning the 73rd place in the world and the 2nd place in Asia

This newest university web ranking was announced by the Center for Scientific Information and Documentation of the Spanish Ministry of Education. This Center appraises the websites of global universities once every six months in accordance with the following criteria: size-20%, visibility-50%, richness of files-15%, and scholarly content-15%.

Of the four indicators, size refers to the number of pages that can be accessed by the four large search engines-Google, Yahoo, Live Search, and Exalead. Visibility refers to the number of external in-links that are available under the web domain (the statistics of which are obtained from Yahoo Search, Live Search and Exalead). Richness of files denotes the number of Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Adobe Postscript (.ps), Microsoft Word (.doc) and Mocrosoft Powerpoint (.ppt) files that are within the web domain (statistics of which are obtained from Google, Yahoo Search, Live Search and Exalead). Lastly, scholarly content applies to the number of theses within the web domain and the number of times these theses are cited by users (statistics of which are compiled by Google Scholar database).

Compared with the results of the same survey released in July 2007, NTU's global ranking rose from the 96th place of six months ago to the 73rd place.in the current survey. In the four major indicators, NTU's current ranking are the 165th, 65th, 13th, and 58th, respectively, a substantial progress form the rankings of 119th, 156th, 30th. and 96th over six months ago. In particular, in the category of richness of files, which places great emphasis on quantity, NTU's official website showed a giant leap forward, whereas in the categories of visibility and scholarly content, wherein content and quality are the main criteria for evaluation, NTU's rankings also showed tremendous improvement.

Overall, Webometrics newest survey proves that NTU's official website is superb in terms of its quantity and quality, and as such has won international recognition in more ways than one!!

For more information, log onto: http://www.webometrics.info/index.html

NTU's Performance in the Webometrices' World Universities Rankings(From 2006 to 2008)
Month,Year Ranking of World Universities Ranking of Asia University Ranking of Size Ranking of Visibility Ranking of Richness of Files Ranking of Scholarly Content
January,2006 170 5 86 281 16 -
July, 2006 159 4 73 286 45 98
January,2007 150 2 58 297 30 84
July,2007 96 2 119 156 30 96
January,2008 73 2 165 65 13 58

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