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NTU School of Law's English Journal Now
Officially Included in the SSCI List!

The Asian Journal of WTO and International Health Law and Policy (AJWH), a periodical published by NTU School of Law's WTO Center,. has been confirmed to be accepted into Social Science Citation Index's (SSCI) database. Pending completion of related procedures, SSCI's Taiwan representative will personally deliver a certificate to the WTO Center. The AJWH has been in publication for only two and half years (now into first issue of Volume Three) before it was included in the SSCI database. Before the SSCI inclusion, the AJWH was accepted into the database of Westlaw and Hein Online.

The AJWH periodical was founded by Chair Professor Chang-Fa Lo of the College of Law. People participating in the normal operation of the periodical include external advisors to the Center (such as Professor Tsai-yu Lin of Soochow University and Professor Shin-yi Peng of Ching-hua University), and several graduate students from the Institute of Law who serves as executive editors and editors. The AJWH is an international journal in English, and the first academic periodical in Asia exploring the issues of WTO health law and policy. It aims to provide an Asian perspective toward the trade practice and the legal aspects of health policies, in the hope that it can make contributions to trade and cross boundary research of public health, and, through the in-depth discussion of issues relating to the practical enforcement of WTO and international health policies, aid in the continued development of this particular area.

Altogether there are 115 legal periodicals accepted into the SSCI database, of which the majority are published in the United States. Very few legal periodicals from other countries are included in the SSCI list, and even fewer from Asia. Starting from March, 2006, when the first issue of AJWH was published, the WTO Center has been actively in contact with SSCI regarding the relevant procedures for inclusion. After three years of strenuous efforts and stringent review process, the AJWH finally made the SSCI list of international legal publications. This achievement is a great boost of morale for NTU's WTO center which is involved with the work of international health law, and casts a lasting influence on the legal profession of Taiwan.

The WTO Center also publishes another periodical in English named "Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal" this year.

The Center's official website: http://www.law.ntu.edu.tw/center/wto/index.asp

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