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NTU Research Results Unrivalled in the World: The Florescent Pigs Research Team Gloriously Reported by the National Geographic Channel International!!

After successfully developing the world's first transgenic florescent pig that was able to glow green all over its body, the NTU research team, headed by Assistant Professor Shinn-Chih Wu of the Department of Animal Science and Technology, has taken one step further to develop a red florescent pig, making crucial contributions to stem cell and regenerative medicine studies. Professor Wu's years of research and outstanding scientific achievements were reported in a documentary named "Super Pigs" which was broadcasted worldwide in National Geographic Channel's "Taiwan to the World S2"series recently, and NTU is proud to have its academic prestige recognized internationally!!

Since there are many types of stem cells that can be applied to regenerative medicine, and the transformation of stem cells may have different results due to environmental impact, in order to analyze and ascertain which types of stem cells have the best repair and therapeutic effect on a specific organ, the researchers have to rely their judgment upon the color of the florescence. Therefore, after successfully extracting the green genes from jellyfish and developing the green florescent pigs, Professor Wu's research team took one step further to extract the red florescent genes from corals and through a transgenic process, produced two healthy red florescent pigs. Professor Wu's outstanding research achievement is considered very conducive to the study of human organ transplantation and the tracking of stem cell conversion.

Professor Wu's research on transgenic pigs and stem cell regeneration, when fully completed, can be applied to human clinical functions which include medical care and cosmetology. Not only is it a trailblazing innovation in regenerative medicine, it is also a R&D achievement of Taiwan which is unrivalled in the world!!

Professor Shinn-Chih Wu's Website:http://rss2.rulingcom.com/NTU_ANSC/people/bio.php?PID=26
National Geographic Channel International's relevant website:http://www.ngc.com.tw/watch/Taiwan_to_the_world_s2.asp

Wu and green pig.
Dr. Shinn-Chih Wu and a green florescent pig.
A pig glows green florescent all over its body
A pig glows green florescent all over its body. The florescent is especially obvious in the nose and eyes.
The first red florescent pig
After developing the green florescent pig, Dr. Shinn-Chih Wu continuously insists on his researching and successfully developed the first red florescent pig in the world!

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